Friday, May 26, 2017


Glen Close in "The Big Chill",
when she's in bed with Kevin 
Kline, her husband, high on
cocaine...he responds to her
drug rant in a rational way,
and she says:  "Maybe."

I'm thinking of saying that now
after anyone has responded to
anything I've said...."maybe."

It could be the conclusion of
any lecture I give..."maybe."

It would certainly be the answer 
to any salesman..."maybe."

If someone asks me if I believe
in anything...."maybe."

"Do you want to get married?"
(If only I'd said that then.)

"Do you pledge allegiance to
the United States Of America?"

It could be sign of an imminent
break down...Brian Wilson,
before he spent thirty years in
bed, would end every discussion
with: "And then can we have world


Thursday, May 25, 2017

The New Age

The New Age blossomed at the
Monterrey Pop Festival, and ended
by the time of Altamonte. Anyone who
discusses a "new awakening" or New
`Age happening now should consider
that that awakening flourished at that
time, and has been continuing since 
then in many fields such as organic
farming, alternative health, and spiritual
growth as a few examples. The 
movement itself was quashed by the CIA.
Even Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir were
co-opted. One powerful tool they used
was to cause a shift in drug use from LSD
and pot to amphetamine and heroin. That
was about all they needed to do. That shift
killed a lot of iconic musicians for example.
Even so, the spirit and discoveries of that
time live on and are helping young people.

As far as that spirit saving humanity from 
self destruction, that doesn't seem to be 
in the cards. All religions without exception,
as well as many indigenous cultures, see this
period as a very dark time, which we begin to
realize is true more and more as events unfold.

Sauve qui peut.

LSD a bit like Buddhist liberation in that
ego doesn't stand a chance, which is 
precisely why people have bad trips...
ego is too strong and they can't let go.
I know because I had a couple of bad 
trips when I was younger. I took LSD 
recently, and that's one thing I 
discovered. It was like pouring water
into water this time.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mind Training

Everyone's mind is trained one way
or another, whether it's passively
trained by upbringing, by formal
education, by athletic or military 
discipline. The mind becomes trained
in these ways not only to perform tasks,
but also in how it perceives and
reacts to reality. None of the afore-
mentioned types of trainings train the
mind itself, the instrument itself, bare 
and naked, to see clearly. No Western
education including the highest 
intellectual trainings, shows the mind how
to simply just be. This kind of training of
the mind is solely the province of Buddhist
meditation, some of the Indian yogas
and some of the martial arts.

So, basically, 99% of humanity is going off
half cocked in the sense that humans
have abilities to accomplish incredible things,
but don't always act in accord with natural
order  because their minds aren't trained to 
see how things really are apart from the
mental constructs that are a side effect of 
the way their minds have actually been trained. 
GMOs are one example of this.

In short, the mind itself needs to be trained
through the clarifying discipline of meditation
to be able to see reality without bias or 
preconception. This is natural, organic morality,
the opposite of being a chemist for Dow and
making lots of money because one can and it 
makes one feel good and not considering the 
consequences of one's work.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dead Men Talking

Pundits, politicians,
anyone with an agenda,
New Age gurus, the list
of the disconnected goes on.
Strip them of their silk suits
and see how they do, not well.
Do real people need to apologize
for being real?
"Life is an ongoing sales call."
Spoken like a true sociopath.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Into The Next Page

.....into the next page of things. Is this a
continuation? Hard to pin point what isn't
Even Einstein said he didn't figure anything 
out...his ideas came to him in dreams like
Tesla. Tesla said he had all his knowledge
when he was a boy, but it took his lifetime
to manifest/realize it. As if his wisdom, his
immense knowledge, was somehow growing
in his mother's womb.


I'm in it for the duration. Imagine actually 
saying that if you were going to war, not
knowing what war meant. "In it for the
duration." How noble! 
But, if you had a choice?

Obviously, I don't, so, I am in it for the duration.
One must always take that into consideration
when one contemplates such adventures. In the
"olden days" I might have thought: "OK, I get
this, so, when does it stop?" Silly rabbit...try 
twelve hours from now. They don't call it a trip 
because you actually get anywhere at's
just they didn't  know what else to call it. Bye bye.

Yes, Jerry, we know. It's truly weird here too.

Day Tripper #4

No and running.
Ok, so, I'm what?
Was it a good idea?
Dunno....just dropped it without
much thought. After all this life I've
already had, what should I expect
that would be the least bit different?
I never took life at face value, I can 
tell you that...I always fucked with it
because it was always fucking with 
me. It deserved a dialogue. You want
me to accept things without 
discussion? Good luck with that. 
So, yes LSD, ahem! Where's Neal 
you need him? Never mind about that
now....we've things on our plate to deal time for nostalgia or wishful
thinking...the train is on it's tracks 
proceeding normally in it's inevitable 
direction. Enjoy the scenery.

OK, I will...thanks for pointing that out...
who am I talking to? Where do thoughts
come from...tell me that and I won't bother 
you anymore. 

Ok, I know it's come on....I remember...but,
for an unknown reason, it doesn't feel that
much different than the way my mind is now
ordinarily. What the fuck does that mean?
I graduated from LSD? Give me the fucking 

It's good. I wanted something like this to 
happen, and now it is...imagine that. And
all this great music to listen to...holy fuck.
Nice and pure...the way I rarely had it in
the old days. It took the hammer of LSD to
shake me out of my stupor back then. Of
course, I shouldn't say it was my stupor. 
It would be presumptuous of me to suppose
I could have been the one who created the
somnolent world I was born into. My 
generation was lucky enough to have the
cosmic tool chest we used to wake up. Cosmic
dynamite to explode the myths we were force
fed...not that it was anybody's fault, really. 
Nobody I knew when I was young, parents
included, had a clue what was going on. They
found a way to survive that worked for them, 
and as far as the rest was concerned, they 
could care less. It was always just about getting
pleasure and avoiding pain....not that 
complicated really. Not sophisticated or complex.
Great works of art happen, sure they do. But
pointing to the artist is like pointing to the reflection
of the moon in the water. It's not the same as
pointing to the moon.

Hey, that was a pretty good one.

So, is the point of LSD, (any of it really).....
wait a minute..stop there. 

Real nice...talked to my friend...he was there for me.
Where to go from here? Right now, i'm experiencing
how arbitrary that question seems. I'm there....I'm
here even. Enough said. What's a hallucination 
between friends?

"Have a nice experience!" Might have to take a 
break from words. "Wore my 44 so long,
it made my shoulder sore.

I asked for it...gotta remember that....I asked for
it all...the whole life even.

I have music and I'm tripping balls...what a nation!
If I was paying much attention, `I'd probably be seeing
shit by now.....Nixon couldn't have handled it...good
thing Grace Slick didn't get to dose the coffee.

This is it...this is the experience of LSD....
how marvelous! If only the kids back home
could see me now! If only they could be me now.....

Now I know why we did it. Now I know why I don't
have to do it anymore, because it was there to 
show me where to go, and then, I went. So there.

The more less I know, the better I feel. I had to 
figure out that the complexity wasn't the essence.
I came to the conclusion that non-existence was
the only way I could continue. Actually the 
conclusion came to me only because I was paying

Doesn't have to make sense.

"If you wanna experience something truly weird,
you outta come up here for an idle half's 
truly weird."

Yes, Jerry, we know. That's why we all got naked
and had such a great time. Yes, Jerry, we know.

A little too fucking hot showers 
help a lot. No fucking way I'm putting on clothes 
for a while. I used to walk around my house, when
I was a kid, naked. Nobody seemed to mind.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Face The Music

The truth is always out there.
It doesn't change just because
we don't like it.

Wishing our lives could be a 
certain way ignores what joy
we have.

Spinning yourself into a coma
is not's going
nowhere fast.

Face the plays for
everyone the same.


La vérité est toujours là-bas
Elle ne change pas juste parce que 
nous ne l'aimons pas.

Souhaiter que nos vies soient d'une 
certaine manière
Nous fait ignorer la joie que nous 

Tomber dans un coma 
Ne constitue pas un nouveau cycle,
Cela ne nous conduit nulle part.

Fais face à la musique 
(ou : fais face à la vérité)
C'est la même pour tout le monde.

(French translation by Noelle Arnoult)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Notoriously Cynical Galaxy

Elsewhere, things were heating up.
Warning was flawless, but no one
had the radio on.
Brimstone in the bloodstream as
civilization didn't get used to the
new reality.
Bastion of uncertainty, world 
governance in random, slapstick
actions reveals blurred vision.
Timeline abandoned in chaos of
cascading events...the curtain has 
vanished and the gloves are off.


Early morning deserted city street
scattering of taxies, vile exhaust,
aura of a thousand feet of concrete
and steel straight up. Alleyway 
between buildings leading to a door.
"Thirteen"...the sound of the brass
knocker echoes in the alley

Death Of A Mexican Journalist

It's not news, really... they're dropping
like flies in a country that really has
little use for the truth. The natives lied 
to the Spanish that conquered them so
they could survive, and they got used to
lying. Another dead journalist? No 
importa. They should know better than to
try to tell the truth.

What's The Point?

What's your point of view?
What's the point of you?

Killing time 'til death,
I'm tired of sleeping...
Let me wake in eternity.

I've counted on disappointment
my whole never fails.

"What's the meaning of this??!!"
What's the meaning of life.

The truth is stranger than fiction.
"Fiction has to make sense."  (M.T.)

"Everything is more the way it is now,
than it ever has been." (Eisenhower)

"Take a circle, caress it, and it will 
turn vicious."  (Ionesco)

A point is a place in space,
a line a moment in time,
a time line,
let alone Times Square.

Stun with luxurious cultural boundaries.
Drowsy musclemen binge on fame.

Monday, May 15, 2017


I prefer it to castration.
For once and all, 
it does the job.
My solution to 
over population.

I dreamt of the Apocalypse...
everything was gone
the world was grey.

Maybe cosmic rays are driving
everybody crazy...maybe 
pollution, physical and mental,
is doing the job. 

Sophistication, complexity, getting
lost in the details, not seeing the
forest, missing the boat of simple,
natural perfection in the cycle of

Throw it out the window!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Time Bombs

You finally get the joke
told a year ago.

Robert Parrish clotheslines
Bill Laimbeer two days after
Bill cheap shots Larry Bird.

Fukushima, revenge for

Snowflake CIA programming
blows up in society's face.

Wisdom fades and goes out,
leaving only nuclear confusion.

The Speed Of Time

Time is measurement of events
unfolding. We see time speed up or
slow down in accordance with the
speed the film is projected. As we age,
we seem to experience time moving 
more quickly than when we were young.
What are premonition or deja vu except
glitches in the matrix of time?

We experience the "movement" of time
through our senses. Time is a conceptual 
construct that arises due to the seeming
continuity of experience. Both Akira 
Kurosawa and Thinley Norbu have clearly
pointed out that people don't see the same
phenomenon in the same way. The speed 
of time is a relative phenomenon based on
perception, therefore the speed of light 
cannot be an absolute constant. It can only
be an event horizon.

Newtonian physics had its limitations 
describing natural must quantum
physics since both are limited by translating
perception into language. Communication 
between humans is only 100% efficient if
it is direct, immediate, and without words.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Light, Lilting Poem

not a truckload of dead babies...
not a hopeless howl...


a sweet, lyric, lovely air,
(step over that corpse there)
about sunshine and crystalline air,
Xanadu realized! 
(it must be somewhere)
window open, cool night breeze
(my friend turned out to be a sleaze)
Dream of Olwen!
(Night On Bald Mountain)
Monet's water lilies!

Stop, I say! Thou shalt not halt my reverie!

(Def Con Three)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Zen Joke

Why did all the people in the world
cross the road?

Because they thought there was
something on the other side.

Dance Of Death

Dance of death
dance of life
just more intense
when hormone serious.

Dance of life 
dance of death
the music never stops
how long 
snaps it's fingers
in the dingy bar
stale beer smell
bad breath
loud useless talk
smoke and country music.
A drunk couple dances,
or holds each other up.

Walking Into It

"I wore my 44 so long
it made my shoulder sore..."

Waking into it,
walking into it... in Cicero
run by Frank's mom
sawed-off under the counter...

The "oh oh" moment
when you know
it's gonna happen.

The "oh oh" moment
standing on the platform
diploma in hand
catching a train to Chicago.

'"Oh oh" moment before "I do."
"Oh oh", walking into the room
where's a drunken Irish painter.
She takes her clothes off. "oh oh."
"Niagara Falls!"....oh oh....
"I want to be your student." ...oh oh...

"Just one more tiny mint."

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

White Rabbit

Trungpa saw a black rabbit
in car headlights, but it kept
eluding them...appearing and
disappearing. "Why is that
rabbit so important?" VCTR
said: "That's Tilopa."

Cut to Orson Wells in "The 
Third Man" talking about
cuckoo clocks and chocolate...

Cut to app. appearing on cell
phone that lets you create
virtual anything anyone and
you believe it's real, or, worse,
you become it and don't know it.

Cut to bankers jumping out windows,
latest bo-tox disaster,
balloon clown at child's birthday,
in the paper next day,

Cut to coffins in the woods...why are 
there so many conspiracy theories?
Because so much of the truth 
has been hidden. "Where there's 
smoke there's fire." It's just simple,
common sense
that we are in
that rabbit hole. 

Train Station Attendant

Looking east, waiting for
the 4:30
distant machine galloping over
national comatose dreamscape
largest absurdly poised pistons
deliver whatever wherever it goes.

The attendant, awed to be part of
industrial evolution. pauses as he
gazes down the steel track, the 
only thing he knows for sure.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Poet In Spite Of Himself

Not a't
wanna go there. But, ask 
Chayanne if he wants to stop
dancing....Stevens discovered
"a new knowledge of reality"
in his old age...Can Groucho
not be funny? It's karma, as far
as I can tell...or, being frightened
by a poet at a tender age...or,
possessed ( I wish) by a muse. 
No, it's just something my mind 
does...and, I like it, so, I keep
doing it, not reaching for the 
brass ring like Merwin, but,
wouldn't mind going out like
Dylan Thomas.

Old Age Hippie

Age old, old age hippie
not of this era;
people born in cement.

No, I grew up in and live
in green, yard outside
winking wabi-sabi.

60's the best time the world
has ever wonder
it couldn't last.

Born in disbelief of a world
run by lunatics, never caught
in that unbearable trap.

Yes, I'm sorry you didn't listen
to us, the poets, the music,
the tap on the shoulder.

It's all still there, on the record,
days of innocent defiance of
Disneyland Paradise Hell.

Look it up if you want to see
what life could have been.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Slogan for the day

Meditation: ....not just a good idea; it's reality.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Sign

Man's having a horrible time with 
his life; lost his job, wife and kids
moved in with his neighbor, dog
ran away, and he contracted 
shingles. He's at the end of his 
rope, falls to his knees in the
backyard where his children used
to play, and begins to pray:

"Oh, God, please show me a sign
that you will help me in my misery.
that, like Job, my faith is not in vain...
Oh, Lord, I need a miracle!"

Suddenly, The Lord appears in the 
skies in front of the man, a rainbow
arcs, heavenly music plays and flower
petals and perfume fill the air.

The Lord speaks: "So, how was that?
Feeling better now?"

"Not as much as you'd think."

Monday, April 24, 2017

Catatonic Cowboy

hemlock holy death council,
"Thanks, Soc!"
and to Buddha, his students 
said: "Thanks for nothing!"

faint phase biblical in time
caravan holdup inevitable
French casino uprising growl
extensive iron swami enforcer
social lubricant joystick cruelty

petites-fours and swamp gas
hydroponic narcissist extravaganza
in the in, so so very...very
a bunch of damned banshees in drag
cackling all the way to the bank

I'll tie up near this pool in the river
eat some grub, smoke some jack,
and watch the vast dark blue twinkle 
at night, head on my saddle, 
looking up.

"...and the alleys smelled of earth"

ancient history ended only maybe
thirty years ago, to when the world
was built up, built out, and tech
progress speed created a new
generation of humans every ten
years/ so many in cities never
seen a cow/ newyorkers afraid
of driving through Vermont woods/
woods and farms I grew up in gone/
into strip malls condos seven eleven/
oh, put a word on it! nothing like when
I was three in Chicago, lilac lined drive
and the alleys smelled of earth
like the anthem of an age.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Brave New World

I remember when I was, at most,
eight, in front of the television, and
a show came on: "The Big Picture".*
I thought: "Someone's gong to tell 
me what life is about!" When I realized
it was military documentary, I was very
disappointed. I wanted to know.

Point being, then, as now, I am in a 
completely new world that is coming about
and being revealed more and more
rapidly. Then, of course, the world was
new..I was young. Now the world is new
in so many ways...secret world government,
UFO disclosure, HAARP, Fukushima, The
World Bank, Secret Space Program, Cern,
world depopulation program, intradimentional
portals, Dan Burisch, the Antarctic, all 
becoming visible as the actual world we live 
in rather than what we were led to believe 
my whole life up until recently, even though 
this new world has been going on secretly 
my whole life. I knew I smelled something...
soft disclosure.

* The Big Picture T.V. series 1951-1964 (Wiki)

Poem For Monica

They're building a wall in my house
on top of an old wall because of leakage.
The whole family is here including five
year old Damien, who likes me. He has
a new puppy as big as my hand. I gave
both of them cold milk to drink.

This just happens when you're alive,
all of it, so ordinary, so magic...we take
for granted the magnificent dream we
wake up into every day. Everything
that emanates from our hearts and minds
fills the universe like a perfume, "immense
and living."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Corpses....Uh Matter

A corpse speaks:

"As a chunk of post-life, I should be
respected, as I am normally in society,
but there needs to be more attention
paid to my right as a corpse to be a 
corpse and take my rightful place by
the side of the politicians and ruthless
magnates who are my natural brethren."

Jack Straw

Keep on rolling
beyond the fence
of present tense
all words mean a prison
straw men straw minds
not enough sense
to bale themselves out
of solipsistic penance...
"all thoughts blades of grass
that fly in the face of death
like straw in the wind."


We didn't think there was anything
wrong with that...
we just went along with it
so that nothing could happen...

it did, then something came out of that
as is always wont to do...

and we weren't ready
as we always are,
by anything in front
of our nose...

kinda like pigs, really.


Tell me the name
of the game that you play...
Blackwater flaming city?
barbaric pig pity?
computer capture/eliminate?
grim extravagant cartel?
consumption apparatus executioner?
New Age spellbound goofball?
dishonest pagan sorcerer?
narcotic mutant politician?
dependent snowflake?
gymnastic hogwash aficionado?
you're all f'd robot idiots
addicted to your programs.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sandia Azul

Reyna Zochitl
Pechugas Popocatepetl
under umbrella, cool 
afternoon, overcast skies,
waiting for a phone call, or,
the end of the world.

Might as well eat first.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just Label It Thinking

I've been listening to Debussy,
"Afternoon of a Faun", so, maybe
that means something. Why have
that thought, or, any other for that
matter? We give our thoughts a
great deal of importance, but we
really don't even know why we 
have them. Trains of thought make
sense, of course, choo choo...but
if you look at thoughts you can't see 
or experience through the senses 
where they came from, where they 
go. If you've listened to any
testimony from congress in the last
six months, you know that nobody's
memory is any good...can't remember 
what they did, let alone what they 
thought. Don't tell me what you think.
Tell me what you know.

What About Now?

Are you ready yet
for anything?
Is now just a moment
that gets lost on the
escalator of daily life? 
Can you really tell me
what's so damned 
important? Are you
busy because you have 
to be, or, because you
just can't sit still for a
single moment? All
distressed up and 
going nowhere.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hill Of Beans

King of the Hill
of beans
wearing a beanie...
propeller turns.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Scorpio Rising

an enigma
tragic or fortunate
concussion karma
chiaroscuro emo
knowing you have 
a secret...not knowing
what that secret is
melting in passion
limousine struggle
in concept of
never an arbitrary 
discord sacred fermentation
memory imprint of
broken lost glory
agony soup
drenched in limitless spirit
haunting on my fingertips
ecstatic devastation
donut perfume emergency
don't say I didn't wake you.