Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"What Else You Got?" (John Tischer and Michael White)

Words can't describe it...
no one has taken a selfie with it....
it's not advertised...

How lost we are without it....
how hard it is to find it;
like losing your glasses
on your forehead.

Yet, when it is seen,
there is nothing else.
What on earth could it be?

Like two old crazy zen poets
writing words in the dust...
Bottom line?
It keeps off the rust.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Beginning

It always starts this way
even if you’ve done it a
thousand times, which 
you have.

You’d cry too if you were
suddenly exposed to the 
world without warning…
that moment establishes 
who are the warriors 
and who are the cowards…
not that any of us has a 
choice about either coming
or not going… otherwise,
say what you want about 
free will.

Especially US citizens, for
several generations, have 
had it pretty good, and 
besides technology, not much
has changed and our lives 
have not been threatened, 
generally, by starvation, war,
other general calamities, so, a
sudden, enormous paradigm
shift, which is likely to occur
is going to be traumatic for a
lot of i phone clutching 
snowflakes….but then, they 
even fall down manholes.
Prepare for what may be a 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Good Morning

Dog bark echoes daybreak…
eyes slit open as sun peeks 
over horizon…
“Is it today again?”
I pinch myself to see I’m not
still dreaming, but, even then,
I can’t be sure.

It’s the light that drags us out of bed…
we’re always going towards it, in life 
and death, 
as though light was the destination
all along.

Friday, November 9, 2018

What And Why

A child asks “what is that?” which is
easy to answer.
A child asks “why is …?” and three
iterations from the original question we 
scream: “I don’t know!” 

We know the words but not the meaning.
We have words for things but don’t know
why they are.

Enough answers in our armory and we stop
shuddering in uncertainty long enough 
to function. Challenges to security of view
are met with automatic defenses. Trial and 
error, albeit terribly inefficient, are sufficiently
effective, given the power of the human 
brain, that most are able to stumble through
existence for a certain amount of time 
without necessarily being aware that much 
is happening at all. Questioning is 
discouraged by schools that only give 
answers that need to be learned to fit the
agenda, whether they have any relationship
to the truth or not. The most powerful advice
to humans in order to propel them towards
freedom, enlightenment, liberation is to 
question everything.

Boomerang Suicide

Bellybutton abandonment
greatest rage horsepower evacuate below
smooth operator ambition field distortion
western robbery blackout warning
noble cannibalism antidemocratic chaos
mightiest mask discussion delicious details
siren ballistics treason ambulance alarming
MSM muscular content anybody fraud
citizens protest blowgun bigwigs
patriots wilderness hinge family
enlightened bandsaw addresses mind.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Joke #7

Jesus walks into a bar....sits next to a drunk.

They nod to each other.

Bartender comes over and asks Jesus: "What will you have?"

"An empty shot glass, please."

Jesus gets his glass....looks at it, and, by itself, it fills with whiskey.

Jesus drinks the whiskey, puts the glass down, and, again, it fills back up with whiskey.

The drunk looks at the bartender and says: "I'll have what he's having."

Thought of the day

Initiation is like realizing
everything you know is wrong.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Shoe Fall

Waiting for the other shoe to fall…
waiting for the mailman…
the calm before the storm…
the eye of the hurricane…
waiting for Godot.

The moment before
you walk into the room…
you talk to the boss,
your wife, your child…
the moment before
you extinguish 
one last cigarette.

By then, it’s already over.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Just Like That

Just like that
I wrote a poem.
Just like that
I had a life.
Just like that
wars ended
with someone scribbling
a name on a paper.
Just like that
the hoola-hoop
was invented
the atom was smashed
DNA was discovered
polio was cured
Kennedy was assassinated
a man stepped on the moon.
Just like that
after sitting seven years under a tree
Buddha attained enlightenment.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Marching Morons

Send the Muslims back to Cacakistan!
Take Antifa behind the woodshed!
Burn Hollywood to the ground!
Hollywood unholywood!
Never trust a Carny!
Money Moloch madness vision!
Ask the man who owns one!
Dupie Goldberg!
Libtards into brainwashed oblivion!
NOT Burning Man mind!
Liberal lemmings over idea cliff
like wind up toys that wind up in the trash…
simple minded good intentions hiding evil
that never worked out
in a century of world wars…fallacy
of misplaced concreteness…
rocks in their heads!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

One Down…Two To Go

I’ve known three  friends in my life 
named  John White…one just died.
I lived with my first John White in two
different shared houses two different
times in Boulder. He married and moved 
to Thailand. We have the same birthday.

The third John White is my poet/writer buddy
I met through Keith Dowman. You live in 
Kentucky, don’t you…somewhere south 

The Second John White, the one who just died, 
I met here in Tepoztlan shortly after I arrived 
thirteen years ago, almost to the day. He, 
our friend, Barry, and I were frequent 
companions in the first few years I was here…
outrageous drinking buddies who had our own 
little “salon” atop Barry’s roof, where we got to 
know each other very quickly, with added 
guests that wandered in and out of the “scene”.

This John White was cantankerously into the
Buddhist “scene” in Tepoztlan, but his wisdom
was Taoist. This John White opened a brothel
in Cuernavaca when he was sixteen (it was only
open part of a night, until the real criminals came
in with their guns and the game was over). This 
John White studied law in California until he 
tried marijuana, and decide…..nah. This John 
White was a ski bum in Switzerland for years. 

This John White had a failing heart valve and 
knew he was going to die. This John White told 
us he was ready to die, that he knew how 
he wanted to go out, and, listening to him, he 
sounded like one of the sanest men I had ever 

Sombre De Sabina was the restaurant where 
this John White, myself, Barry, and others 
would gather to have brunch on Fridays.
Honestly, these last few months, this John 
White was more cheerful than I’d ever known 
him. The restaurant closed just a few weeks 
ago, and we no longer had a place to meet.
My only regret is that this John White never 
told me what he thought about the MDMA.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Burning Man Mind

Burning Man mind…
Woodstock mind…
Monterey Pop mind…
“Childhood’s End”:
Burning Man mind
takes over the world,
everyone freely themselves
working together
playing together
“power over others” outlawed…
not socialist or any doctrine:
no rules except the Golden one.

Burning Man mind:
artist mind…
yogic mind…
father mind…
mother mind…
ordinary mind…
first thought mind…
beginner's mind...
takes over the world.


Those looking for political correctness
should stay far away from poets…don’t
make us angry…don’t drive us mad…

…or you’ll see poetic revolution, like
Alfred Jarry, mad in the streets of Paris
as Pere Ubu, like Kerouac, drunk on 
Steve Allen, reading from “On The Road”,
like Ginsburg chanting at W.F. Buckley 
on “Firing Line”, trying to levitate the 
Pentagon, like Woodstock, Monterrey 
Pop, Burning Man, poetic people army
molting artificial constraints on genuine
feelings, like it or not…if the poet’s
blood flows in the streets it means they
are giving it to the people the same as 
they give their words, being the same.

Poets are revolutionaries by nature. 
The poet inspires the battle, shows the 
reason, highlights the truth, therefore is 
dangerous to his/her mortal enemy; 
control. People  not led by L.E.D.s love 
poets who show them they can dance 
and sing in the face of their alleged 
captors…follow their flute to freedom!!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Fallacy Of Misplaced Concreteness

The fallacy of intellectual connectedness
creates mass movement in the wrong direction.
The great political ideas of the twentieth century
fabricated an hundred years of slaughter.
"To feed on life unthinkingly" belies evolution.
"Kindness, solidarity and respect" for life
is our heritage of basic goodness.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Machina Ex Deus

“Each spring the chrysanthemum’s astringent
fragrance comes, revealing the hidden mechanism 
of machine within machine within machine.”

                                                      Wallace Stevens

A tornado is wind and water 
organized, no intent, yet powerful,
undeniable…..a life; carbon, oxygen,
hydrogen manifesting with a story line,
an attitude, from nowhere. 

A bus stop speaks for itself.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Known Goodness (comfort food)

half a hamburger
free time today and (tomorrow
catch up with old friend)
fer sure a good high time 
with gossip…

…precarious after immediate
future; a few days at most…
bullets in a frying pan
tightrope uncertainty
imminent switcheroo

…it’s anybody’s guess…
there are times that don’t 
change much…dynasties, 
eras…now is more of just…
feeling…an invisible 
cataclysm starting to move.

I even got a cigarette not worried
about cancer the next two days…
(can’t say the same about 
nuke war in a week)
and chocolate it all hangs together
by a thread.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Life Detonates

Life detonates at birth,
sometimes fizzles…only
measurement of impact
how long the name’s 
Truth echoes down time,
what was once known
has always been known;
encoded in our very fiber,
planted in our children,
remembered as a myth,
passed down as self-secret.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Pre-existing Conviction

You think the world is a certain way,
that it is that way because of history
you learned in school.

What if history was a lie told so that you
would see the world in a certain way?

What if that lie, believed by most people,
is being exposed by the truth?

What if someone told you 
what you believe is a lie?

Would you get angry, freak out?

What is happening in the USA today,
right now?     

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Figures Of Speech

Letters of an alphabet
Public statesmen
Body languid language

Emotional evocative provocative inciting 
words that bloviate communication
to the point of manifestation

Cliches that capture common captions
of a culture…

…which political correctness would erase
along with memory itself…
not on my watch

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Public Service Announcement

Notice to brainwashed American citizens:

Please don’t take offense when someone
points out that you’re brainwashed because
you still think Hillary should be President,
that Trump is Hitler, because you haven’t
noticed that the economy is burgeoning,
(no, Obama didn’t cause it.) and on and on 
Brainwashing doesn’t imply stupidity! Your
brain was washed so you can’t help but 
think the way you do!

It didn’t help that you didn’t care who was 
running the country as long as it didn’t affect 
you personally, but we’re all a bit guilty of that.

And we’re all a bit testy when we discover that
something’s not the way we thought it was.
But the truth that’s coming out now is so big, so 
different than the lies we’ve been fed for decades,
That it’s a bit hard for even those that see it to 

So, try to educate yourself to that truth, before
events happen that you’re not prepared for.