Monday, December 5, 2022




Now that I´m old and don´t do very much,

I get into a whole lot less trouble.


Like all young people I was frisky and

curious and did lots of things…

some things weren´t so good for me.


I can now see the probable outcomes

of familiar types of situations that arise.


Now, like old, stale jokes told at a bar

full of regulars, situations that arise

have numbers…


…a woman flirts with me…that´s a 333…

not many of those lately…


…political discussions are 113…I try to

end them as soon as I see them…

you get the picture.


Still, every flower is new, fresh and lovely.

A smile on any face is timeless.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Blue Sky


Obviously unfathomable

metaphor for mind

synonym for space.

Look around you, then,

look up at the blue sky.

Notice the difference?

Flash on blue sky when

complications of life

get the better of you.

Skies are always blue

above the storm.

¨It´s blue skies

from now on.¨

Big Dud


The universe is the aftermath

of the Big Bang…evolution,

human history all are aftermath,

remnants of a catastrophic

accident that separated matter

and energy and spawned duality,

creating hamburgers and mobile

homes all in the name of intelligence

to make our lives better,

to evolve to a higher state,

just numbly never getting there,

and missing the fact that

we never really were anywhere

at all.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Cheer Up


Might as well do it yourself.

Sure, you can watch comedians,

but sometimes you have to turn

the T.V. off.

Isn't that funny?


My teacher slapped me in the face

and said: ¨Cheer up!¨

Everybody laughed at me, but I was

never depressed again.

Isn't that funny?


If one looks one can see the humor

in things…you just have to change

your outlook

from Sad Sack to Slapstick.


Many great Jewish comedians saw

humor in their suffering.


Job:  ¨What, again???

Thank you, Sir, may I have some more

please, Sir?¨

Monday, November 28, 2022

Only Human



Every human is an alternate universe

                                              floating in space

too much to ignore

too unfathomable to understand


a thin storyline stretched over

a frame of reference,


a billboard advertisement

veiling the vastness

                                   but always

the nagging feeling there´s

                                   something more.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Reflection #1



I don´t know what else I could have done

except, put succinctly, find the path and

follow it as best as could be done.


I did some good…made some mistakes

like everyone.


I (almost) always trusted my intuition,

which was always correct,

though I never knew it would be.


Now that there´s enough life

to look back on,

I begin to see the synergy, that life

is greater than the sum of the moments

we remember.


The quantum secret is 

the same sun that plants rise to

inspires us towards innate wisdom

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Classless Clown



Call me an idiot, but,

I´m having fun with myself…

giggling like an adolescent

at all the silly, human things

I see in the people walking by.

They can´t help being themselves,

even if they´re hiding in plain sight.


I laugh at myself too because I´m

a big part of the show:

the foil…

the glitch in the Matrix…

a funny monkey wrench in the works…

almost, at times, The Fool.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Precarious Paradise


Life is beautiful…

time is short…

circumstances are uncertain.


If you lived during the Renaissance,

when you could expect to live to be

thirty five, you´d be saying

¨Carpe Diem¨ all over the place.


I see my life arc clearly, and the

momentum, and the direction,

fruition of karma, of effort, of not

giving up,

to this point of square one,

the point of return,

the ¨rock and bone

shop of the heart¨. (Yeats)


Standing on the edge of the vast

whatever, enjoying the perfume

of a gardenia.

Thursday, November 10, 2022




Sally forth into the morning glow

before you remember

what you think you know.

While night rain still drips from

lushy green,

to the market,

still sleepy.

Curtain rises

as the light comes up

and the play begins again.

From Sensei Jack Convery:

Sally forth into the morning glow

    like fading into emptiness.
Sights lushy and green.
Sounds of rain drops.
 Like here in this mountain dojo.
Chop wood.
Carry water.
......and the play of Now-ness begins again,

about five minutes later.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Future Is Happening Now


There have been multiple vaccination

attempts on my life.

This is one Eloi who is not going to run

to the doctors when the siren goes off.

Forget about prophets, all you had to

do was read Wells and Orwell and Huxley

to see the present state of America.

Or, go back to the Vedas, the sutras,

the Bible, where they all predicted

this time. And don´t forget, time, as

we´ve known it, reached it´s finale

in 2012. A shock like that takes a while

to register. ¨You do not yet realize and

cannot understand (what is happening).

But the time will come when you will

understand.¨. G.I. Gurdjieff. 1916

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Slip Knot



The knot does not exist

without the rope.


The T.V. is a lifeless corpse

without the signal.


She is not a Lady a hundred

yards from her carriage.


Ascribing concrete reality

to ephemeral phenomenon

loses its grip.


If life wasn´t constantly changing

nothing would ever have happened.


There is nothing new under the sun.

Saturday, November 5, 2022



We all desire


in one way or another…

trying to get



getting lost in the getting,

in the end, always a climax.


Enjoy the final act,

the final scene,

the final line;

¨Well, that happens to some people.¨


At the end,

whether you feel fulfilled or empty,

you were in the same movie.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Something Different?



We tend to notice things in our

environment that are unusual or

unexpected. We look at the car

crash as we drive by…maybe we

even slow down.


Sitting like a car crash in clown

costume on the sidewalk, I get



Reactions vary…some take it

personally, like, in some way,

it´s for them, (which it is, in a

way), but, simply, I love color

and looking like a

planned accident.


I see them when they look at me,

their eyes, smiles, frowns, tell me

who they are better than any

resume or reality T.V.. I play my

small role like Polonius, waiting

behind the arras for the play to arise.

Like Naropa, I fancy myself an 

outcast, eating fish gut lattes by the

river, waiting for someone to pass by

I can slap awake…at least,

I get some unexpected smiles.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Go Go Go



I got places to go,

people to see,

things to do,

there´s no ¨stop¨

in me.


 I can´t see the future

but I know it´s there,



what am I doing this for?


I don´t have time

to smell the roses.

What did they ever

do for me? Gotta keep

busy, got to get situated,

no time to say hello, goodbye…

¨the early bird catches the worm¨

and all the other cliches from hell

are plastered on my wall.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Oasis In Chaos


Oasis is a place or a state of mind,

a Casablanca or a Xanadu…

…the Zen archer shooting calmly

amidst the confusion of battle…

¨La, la, la, I´m not listening to you¨

is sometimes heard.


Oasis is where you find it,

in nature,

in art,

in your lover´s eyes…

a moment that passeth any need

for explanation…

the square one of square ones…

the fourth moment which is

always the first moment.

Of course,

there are some nice trees.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Random Nectar


Mountains, valley, buildings,

movement, activity, culture…

smoke and steam arise from my

cigarette and coffee…I´m like a

locomotive resting at the station.


People passing, universes unto

themselves, the street a celestial

display of cause and consequence,

momentum of karma, each part of

the hologram containing the whole.

Each square-one-snap-shot a facet

of diamond.  


It takes a while for the plot to unfold…

like…forever? No wonder our

temporary lives make us nervous.

There are plenty of instructions about

how to deal with it.

For starters, stop watching the news.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Round Peg In A Square World


That´s what the Beats called them :

 ¨Squares¨ which means; 


                        the same as it does now.


¨It is no measure of sanity to be well 

adjusted to a profoundly insane society.¨ 

J. Krishnamurti


¨Can´t you try to fit in more like the other





Bahai Yada Yada Yada?¨


Why complicate a wave, a vibration,

a frequency into a maze?

Why make everything,

which is Nothing,

into something?


Sad fact is, it´s what we do.

Good news is, we can undo…

no joke.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022



¨Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.¨

We only hear these words

on one occasion,



we walk around

                     ash-holes dreaming

we´re better than dirt…

might as well be tumbleweeds…

prairie clouds

moved here and there

by the wind

for all we know


not the same as we once were

as it once was…life furnace

fueled and consumed sooner

or later

a few photos in a book

reminders of flames.


The funny thing is,

there´s got to be more,

and there is,


the Phoenix, for one.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Date With Sister Morphine


Sometimes it´s good to revisit old lovers

to see what happened with them and

remember why you left.

Drugs are the same…similar desire,

fulfilled or not…memories of good 

and bad times….similar addictions.

Derangement of the senses is a good 

way to stimulate creative imagination 

that goes beyond pedestrian 

viewpoints…that´s why there was 

modern art. It´s good to feel the old 

crutch in your hands and remember 

the pain…one last moment with your 

old lover to taste the ashes.


The Beats weren´t the first….the 

Romantics weren´t the first…even the 

people that wrote the Vedas weren´t 

the first. The hippies may have thought 

they invented LSD, but humans have 

been using enhancing substances for

thousands of years. My generation just

reminded the USA there was something 

more to life than suburbia. The message 

derailed the certainty in the American 

Dream. ¨Back to square one¨, (didn´t 

one of the Founding Fathers say 

that once?).

A Date With Sister M. #2


I have a question. What if the real square

One is not the one we´re living in? What

if we´re living in a real Truman Show, a

made up reality based on a Wizard-of-Oz



Suspend belief for a moment. Doesn´t it

Make sense, given what we know about

how infinite the universe is, that, since

there is life here, that there must be life

elsewhere? Is the square one we´re going

to experience a truth that has been

hidden by agents of control for decades?


The certainty of point of view in the middle

Of uncertainty, chaos, change, is like a life

preserver made of cement. Those that

cling to it will surely drown.


That train just ran out of track.


My mind drifts to Odessa, a romantic

name  to me. A sadness that that place,

with so  much history, has to once again

endure the torment of human folly. 

I would love, I imagine myself, in a tea

shop, looking at ships in the harbor, smell

of the sea, cries of the fish sellers, me

and a few old men that have survived,

smoking kief, drinking Turkish

coffee, at home in ancient hospitality.

A Date With Sister M. #3


Sunday, October 16, 2022

Look Who´s Talking



¨It´s the alcohol talking.¨


Have you ever heard that used

as an excuse?


¨It´s the schizophrenia talking.¨


¨It´s the Catholic Church talking.¨


¨It´s the brainwash talking.¨

(No one who is brainwashed has the

self awareness to be able to say this.)


¨It´s my parents, background,

upbringing talking.¨


¨It´s my beliefs, prejudices, opinions,

discursive mind talking.¨


¨Shhh….do this: listen closely…what

do you hear?¨


¨What? I don´t hear anything.¨


¨That´s it….nobody talking.¨

Tepoztlan Is My Burning Man


Thursday, October 13, 2022

Faux Tableaux


Sunday, October 2, 2022

Default Setting


Sunday, September 25, 2022



Eccentric Eclectrician


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Go Towards The Socks


I wear stockings with varying degrees

of garishness. The brighter they are

the more people avoid me and give

me funny looks.


So, even with socks, it seems, there is

a limit as to how much light people

can take without freaking out and

falling back into the dullness of beige.