Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Everyday People

Square one
for everyone
all start
at beginner’s mind…
makes no difference
what bag they’re in.

It’s just your ordinary, everyday
like your momma used to make
hot cookies…
dad mowed the lawn.
Burning Man Mind
is all we need.
Love is all around.
Get over yourself, and realize
you’re part of something bigger.
It’s so much more fun.

Word Bomb

Metallic fistfight
pulse racket
blood drip surreal creature

Omnivorous carnage
the circus is in town
cannibal carnies carry on
capering in the confusion

“A great order is a great disorder.”

Chaos musters momentum
“How many tries to get it right?”
kangaroo society

“If everyone is thinking the same,
no one is thinking at all.” Patton

the nerves in patterns on a screen
you can almost hear a silent scream
wake me up when we’re over 
this dream.


“You can’t touch this!”
Gesar Mukpo running 
in the shrine room…
no one could touch him…
his brother didn’t come close.

Untouchable in Tepoztlan…
on the bottom of the social order…
pariah to many, 
quaint aberration to others,
recognized only by
Burning Man mind.

In London, my teacher, Trungpa,
leaned over to the man lying
in the gutter, 
covered by his own filth.
They spoke briefly, then Trungpa
and his students continued walking.

“What did he say, Rinpoche?”
asked a student.
“He said: ‘You think you’re better
than me, in your fancy clothes, but,
really we’re the same.’”
“What do you think, Rinpoche?”
“That man is enlightened.”


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Chat With Eternity

I had a chat with my good friend, Eternity.

“How’s it going?”

“Like aways….you know….”

“Nothing ever changes?”

“Well, it seems to…but after a while, say 10
to the billionth power eons, it all starts to
look the same. You know what a cliche is? 
The universe begins to run out of surprises.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“There are a lot of oak trees…the leaves all 
look similar. Try to tell someone from Alpha
Centari to take out the trash.”

“Wow…that’s pretty deep.”

“No…that’s long. Space is deep.”

Saturday, January 12, 2019

"Hang on to your ego."

“They come on like they’re peaceful,
but inside they’re so uptight.”

“What would you do if you lost it?”
said Chogyam Trungpa to Allan
Ginsberg, about his little box he
always carried with him, full of
important knickknacks, and  

“They isolate themselves and stay
in their safety zones.”

Ego is most people’s most important
possession, and yet, it doesn’t exist.
No wonder humanity has problems,
living in a false narrative of 
misplaced concreteness.

“Hang on, but I know that you’re
gong to lose the fight.”

If egolessness dawns, all one 
can say is: “Thanks for nothing.”
Not a great incentive, and yet,
it is the only solution to the illusion.

As the comedian said: “You’d better
laugh folks, because, these are the jokes.”

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Energy posing as matter...
Is it something?
The closer we get
The more that we see
It’s only a rumor.

Here Or There?

Here, there and everywhere....
why worry about a particular?
When I eat my slice of pizza,
someone burps on the other
side of the world.

A Trench Is Not A Rut

A house is not a home.

A war is going on, and
I’m entrenched, dug in,
trying to help Americans
wake up
before TSHTF.

Those in a rut so deep
they can’t see over the bank
of ignorance that comes with
a life of seeking security from
life itself
will be shocked
because everything changes

(I had to yell at my father so
he’d listen when I told him
he was dying…once he 
realized I spoke the truth,
he thanked me and told me
he loved me. 

Can you beat that?)

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Shit Eaters

The truth is beautiful because it’s real.
There are a lot of shit eaters out there.
It seems my audience doesn’t like 
hard truth expressed in poetry;
what do they want to hear?

Lotus eaters, shit eaters, same thing…
they can’t tell the difference
between what they eat,
and the truth…very sad indeed.
That's why Odysseus's men
became pigs.

Some of my used to be best friends
are shit eaters. 
Would you hang out with someone
you loved, but ate shit all the time?
I don’t think so….you’d quickly run out
of perfumed handkerchiefs, what the 
Europeans used ’til they discovered

In fact, it’s the Age of shit eating.
I saw a publication, years ago, 
(this is fact), an underground sex
rag extolling the virtues of eating shit.
I know some who would want a

The opposite of true is false.
The opposite of healthy food
is shit. So why do people eat it?
Because their heads are full of it.

I didn’t create the truth….
I just report it.

Sunday, December 30, 2018


"No walking through vast Arabies of hot just, numbly, don't get there".

"Everything's clear when you're cornered."

There is no hope…
no hope at all,
that it will all turn out OK.

There is no hope,
no hope at all,
that you will ever get there
from here.

There is no hope,
no hope at all,
that anything or anyone
will save you.

There is no hope
that your sunny side up
will get you past breakfast,
that she’ll ever return,
that she’ll leave you,
or anything in between.

No hope
for a better world,

Ah, hopelessness! 
What a relief!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Beating A Dead Hearse

(If I explain the joke before I even tell it,
what's the point of that?
It's a miracle I got this far!)

carnivorous gutter implant
(don’t scare the straight people)
domino effect affects effete 
adorable heartless collectable
paraphernalia proliferating
discord not discrimination

drag hands
knuckle heads
hoof-in-mouth disease
armed and dangerous
(it was fun while it lasted)

Going nowhere fast….
before you know it, you’re there.
You can’t get there from here,
(How many parallel universes
before I can go home?)
but, a red wheelbarrow.

(I could say something clever here,
but I won't)

"What Else Ya Got?"

So, Life, I overcame an insane family,
met an enlightened teacher when I was
twenty two, practiced meditation 
constantly for fifty years in spite of 
thinking that nothing was happening and
it wasn’t working, and finally, suddenly, 
all my problems vanished, just like that. 

What else ya got?


The first two mornings I was here
I started crying in the restaurant.
For the first time, I felt I was home.

And the people here feel like family…
how good is that? 

Not like it was when I was growing 
up in the suburbs; endless houses, 
one after the other, looking the same,
filled with strangers.

We prefer the pain we know to the fear
of what we don’t know.
To become human, we have to go
towards the fear.

Just because you walk on two legs,
doesn’t mean you’re much more
than an animal.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

To An Alcoholic

Friendships and braincells are about the same....
of course some die....but only the weak ones.

It’s Not The Little World I Once Knew

I grew up thinking “progress”, “going forward
into the future”, “Brave New World.”
Boy, was I wrong.
We all were,
fed a bunch of garbage like they were
slopping the hogs.

"Look at how the deep state holds her....
I'll be moving in one day."

The world is no longer as little 
as we were used to,
and it’s coming as a shock.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Buddha's Enlightenment

Gautama Buddha was the first example of
a fully evolved human being, and showed 
humanity the means to self evolve. Buddhists
have been aware of this fact and accomplished
the Buddhist path for 2500 years. Meanwhile,
science is still looking for itself, philosophy is
lost in thought, religion believes it has the
answer. Meditation works. A word to the wise
is sufficient. The rest have my sympathies.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Purge Of Evil. (Poem written 11/19/11)

For everything there is a season.
This is the time of hell on earth.
This is the time of the flowering of evil.
The Lords of Materialism have seized power…
It is their time.

The karma they accumulate from their evil deeds
Will rid the world of them for a long time….
They will not be reborn as human.
It is the time of the purge of evil.

Remain human!
Don’t get sucked into their trip!
This has to happen now!
Remain human! Remain human!
Don’t give into their bloody game!
What goes around comes around!
Cultivate compassion!
The leaders are lost in lust!
Their self-destruction is inevitable!

Monday, December 10, 2018

PSA # 17 (WWG1WGA)

Coming off the fan:
mainstream media vitriol…
mainstream political losers
(ladies, hike your skirts).

The Brenners, Comeys, Shiffs,
melting like Margaret Hamilton
in their own stink.

No, it’s not pretty, but the truth
is always positive, even if it looks
like shit.

Sorry to be so graphic, but I’m afraid
it’s necessary, so you begin to get the 
understanding of what’s happening,
and why you feel “the way you do”?
wondering what is happing…(by now…
perhaps)…in our world…like the rug
pulled out from under…like pulling the 
rip cord and the parachute doesn’t 
open…like a note in your pocket that 
says: “No coke today.” 

Worse than that.
Adults only.
Brace yourself.
No joke. No romance. 
This is what it’s like
beyond the yellow brick road.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Idiot's Solution

When I die I will go back to what 
I was before I was alive.
What’s the problem with that?
After all, that’s where I came from
in the first place….square one.
Where is square one?
Everywhere, all the time, of course.
How can there be a problem?

When you solve a problem,
where does it go?
Back to square one.

Is there anything besides square one?
Not when you’re at square one.

Dum dee dum dum….
doo dee doo dee doo.