Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Yada Yada Yada

“Elvis died when he went into the army.”  John Lennon

Beautiful day, as it will be all winter…
blue sky, lushgreen after rainy season.
There are people that fight for the truth,
and those that fight against it….not much
more to say about that, really…

“No child actor was raped during the 
making of this movie.”

spread-eagle window dressing
walking coma
precognitive dissonance

Self doubt happens when ego experiences 
uncertainty of existence…life is not academic.

honeysuckle suicide sounds good
cideshow ballistic dreamland
don’t forget to feed the cat…

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sky Poem

music wafts in air invisible
dancing flowing unthinking
heart expands into space
boundaries fade to perception
wisdom shows as phenomena
questions disappear...

in the middle of things is where
we always begin, which proves
eternity...endless bookends to
this brief encounter we feel 
is such a big deal...

we are in space, pervaded by 
space, little more than space
with an attitude...

Our mother? The sky. Father?
A case of mistaken identity.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Poem For eecummings

“Here is a rubbish of human rind
with a photograph clutched 
in the half of a hand
and the word ‘love’ underlined.”

Bulging soul on street corner…
proud hush
powerless raw island
brutish goofball crackdown
earthborn arbitrary mystery
decadent republic
random mob
blended bland
sadness, eternity, heartbeat

“Here is a dog of no known kind
with one white eye and one black eye
and the eyes of its eyes
are as lost as you’ll find.” 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Blade Runner

A coke machine releases a stick of dynamite…
aquamarine gushing sex computation imaginary 
hideous mystery blender abandoned junkyard…
hyaenas blaze absently in noon sun meat dream….
elephants take a large powder…
ambient grid cortex amazingly plays vampire.

A wolf bursts into flame…
alienated awakening herd doubtless insane…
too late for anything but patient nuclear unliving…
a bellyful of hoodwink doom.

How am I doing so far…
pesky atrocities continue to bumble…
flaming hearse almighty…
don’t I have anything nicer to say…
don’t I have anything nicer to say…
don’t I have anything nicer to say.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Poem for Ms. Susie Matic

You are a real person.
I read it in your poetry,
and saw it in your photo.
Do you know how rare you are?
You are an endangered species.
You filled my heart with joy, 
though I may never know you.
This is the real living magic
whispered by old crones around
a campfire. Live with joy and
save yourself for all humanity! 

A Morning

Terrified a baby…(it probably recognized me.)
Coffee in a courtyard, table on brick, vase with
flowers, Huicholes hanging their beaded wares.
It’s all profound in the fact that it is. Where would
I be without me?

No cosmic axe to grind. It all unfolds as if it’s
supposed to. Civilization on auto pilot; decision
makers channeled into views believing them to
be their own, the train on track and moving in
one direction. We are so speedy in our lives the
changes are invisible, except  when they’re not.
And, then, we adjust to a new reality not of our
making, assuming it will all  continue somehow
as always.

When the pressure gets too great and we go 
crazy, we don’t know why. We think there’s 
something wrong with us, not the environment.
Pills are issued as coping mechanisms. Reality
gets more blurry, but we don’t care and our not
caring is cultivated to the point we accept all
the ridiculousness spewed by our controllers and
go peacefully to our guided cages. 


Compulsion calibration: baseline
chargeable funnel with no reverse.
Flash assembly abitrary murder.
Brainwash daydream coffin...
blockhead hoser unchained.
Public accomplice smiling 
bloodthirsty teeth. 
Happy ending to apocalyptic 

Feets, get moving.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Letter To A Political Activist Friend

I appreciate that you’e interested, involved.
and on the side of the truth. That’s good, that
says something, and, yes, more people can
be woken up…it’s what you do.

I look at the whole Megillah, the tamasha,
as a big pile of vomit. I’m really not interested 
in the details, or how it will develop. There
are Big pieces: deep state, race to war, 
environmental disaster, ect.. You’re not going 
to get enough people to change anything Big.

Increased awareness? Yes. More people are
choosing the option to follow paths of 
awakening, to appreciate their lives as they 
are. Perhaps that’s the best we can hope for
that is coming out of this.

Dude, the Big pieces are too Big, in my IMHO!
Political activism? How can you have anything 
but a flash mob revolution? The revolution can’t
be organized!  Same problems now as in the 
60’s, only exacerbated, and control is more 
pervasive and effective.

And America’s raising generations of morons! 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ballistic Attachement

Does not play well with others.
It's all about not being breast fed.
Hyperbolize infancy to nth degree.
Reasonable people don't act this way.

Creepy liberal's not the
fault of the elders, marginalized as
we are by systemic morons. How
many times were the Indians lied to?

Drive through're thinking
is done for you...what a relief, trucking on,
assured you don't need to know by the
shucksters of the public fun house mirror.

Ballistic button at the mercy of hollow
amnesiacs...only those in the forest 
aren't crazed in one way or another;
when you left nature, nature left you.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Meat Dream

I don’t know what happened, but, suddenly,
I was there, like somebody turned on a light
switch. I had no idea what was happening…
everything was moving so fast for a while,
like I was on speed. Gradually I got used to 
the situation…I was in the care of gigantic
beings…gods, it seemed to me. As time went
on, I got used to the idea of being there. There
seemed to be a logic I was learning…how 
things were done…how it all worked. The 
gods that were there most of the time were
friendly, and I felt pretty secure. The older I 
got, the more I looked like them, so, I could 
see where this was going. I had what they 
called “teachers”, who tried to show me how
to do stuff, and wanted me to behave in a 
certain way. I went along with it because what
else could I do? Later on I found out that they 
only taught stuff that they had learned and 
seemed to work most of the time. I realized 
that none of them really had a clue about what
was really going on…that it was all a dream
we were caught up in and believed as if it was
real. They added on ridiculous beliefs to fill
in the blanks they couldn’t explain. Not to do so
would have subjected them to abject terror. 


I opened my eyes in
orthodox beefcake.
Genetic hitchhiker, 
randomly I was there,
the torch of careless
stumbling through the
fog passed down like
a useless heirloom, 
looming ubiquitously

Thursday, October 19, 2017

How Many Lives Are Lost?

How many lives derelict, washed up,
passed by, ignored,
                                lost treasure
of having seen, witnessed…

…mulch of minds’ memories not lost
on eternity’s watch.

Trudge-ing-ly clumsy trek towards truth…
…what truth?

ultimate dense encryption 
                   of drifting skyline
full of daisies.

Friday, October 13, 2017


I've attained the state of Supreme Goof.
Even death strikes me as funny.
Not fixating on anything,
everything becomes a joke awaiting
the punchline of impermanence.
Isis crisis, 
after tea and cakes and ices?
You've got to be kidding.
New World Order?
So, that's what they call the chaos.
Internment camp?
Don't call it that...say it's dying with friends.
Hanging's not so bad...
you get used to it pretty quick.
Cerebral palsy?
One of them gets to be a poster child!
What? What's that you ask?
Well, you gotta call it something for marketing...
but, let me ask you this:
why is Buddha depicted so often laughing?
A very different message than Christ on the 
cross....we know now where that one leads.
Buddha was a great comedian.
He said: "life is suffering", meaning
the joke's on us!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Last Rock Show

The last rock concert I attended was maybe 
fifteen years ago in Colorado: Little Feat, at 
Fiddler's Green in Denver. My friend's brother 
was in town, and we decided to take 
mushrooms and go to the show. My friend's 
sister set him and I up with blind dates.

We took the mushrooms and met the ladies
outside the venue. Hot Tuna was the opening
act, and the mushrooms started to come on
as we entered. 

We found our seats and got comfortable for 
the ride. The two women decided who would 
be who's date. The brother, more handsome 
than I, got the little cutie. I sat next to the 
other woman who was tall and stiff. 

Little Feat came on, and the 'shrooms hit 
home. Everything started to melt in my mind.
Everyone was dancing at their seats, except
my date. The brother got up and went to the
bathroom. He was gone a long time. His date
talked to mine, and she asked me where the
brother had gone.

"Oh, well," I said, "We're all tripping heavy on 
mushrooms, and he went to the bathroom. It
might be a while until he finds his way back."

"And he's driving us home?" She said, 

I shrugged my shoulders and kept dancing.
Finally, the brother returned. As soon as he 
sat in his seat, his date jumped in his lap and
started making out with him furiously. My date
stayed as still as a Baptist. 

When the party was breaking up, my date 
indicated to her friend that I could come home 
with her. I demurred, not caring to fuck a corpse.


Poetry is phenomenological apprehension
moving perception to another dimension
a glimpse of the part we can't see...
intimations of eternity

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Truth Hurts

That's why kids make excuses.
That's why adults lie to themselves.
That's why a Ponzi scheme looks good.
That's why the USA and North Korea
yell at each other: because they know 
the truth that neither are in control.
It's why P.C. children shout and scream.
It's why Hillary looks insane.

But truth is never negative.
It's always better to know the truth.
I told my father he was dying,
and he thanked me.

Once you get over the addiction
to the lies, 
truth becomes welcome relief.

Rimbaud's  "Season In Hell" is beautiful
because it's true, like "All Quiet On The
Western Front" that tells the truth of war.

The drugs that take away the pain
are like lies we believe
'til the drugs themselves become the lie
and there is no recourse except 
to return to the truth, or die.

There is nothing but the truth;
"pay me now or pay me later"
Like an elephant, truth never forgets.

Never forget that.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

God: The Father That Abandoned Us

Oh, sure, He was there for a while. We 
screwed up when Adam and Eve disobeyed
Him, and it's been downhill ever since. He
tried to teach discipline...gave the Ten 
Commandments, then spanked Sodom 
and Gomorra. Didn't work. He looked at 
Noah and thought to Himself: "This dude
and his family aren't too bad. Maybe we'll
start over with them"...and killed everyone 

Now, His children are out of control. Like
Ted Bundy's parents; He'll always love us,
but, I don't think He'll be coming back.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Post Apocalyptic Poet

I thought I'd get ahead of the game.
My house is decorated in post 
apocalyptic decor: disorganized, dirty,
lots of junk around, as if a bomb went off.

I want to be ready
when the earthquake hits,
when the insane blow everything to atoms,
when the storms come,
when we run out of food.

I'm surfing the waves of future ruin.
I'm grooming myself for disaster,
to be the last clown left standing,
wondering who'll be left laughing..

Guest Poet: Gilbert Seldes


we enjoy smelling our own
so much
so much
"smells like teen spirit"

Projected petroleum jelly
lubricates our
interface with the world

miasmic force field
cushions the sharp points
our beloved schmooziness
coats, soothes and relieves
this puss-filled petri dish
turns us into jellyfish

Tarot Card Poem

The universe,
covered by defeat,
opposed by the star.

Basic essence
rends fabric of obstacles
revealing destiny of awake.

From "Like Decorations In A Nigger 
Cemetery" by Wallace Stevens:

"In the spring, the chrysanthemum's 
astringent fragrance comes, revealing 
the hidden mechanism of machine
within machine within machine."

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Processing Life

I'm doing that now;
looking back
how I got here
the steps I took
how I knew
what I had to do
but didn't know
why I had to
'til now.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Buddhism 101

They give you a carrot on a stick and say:
"Walk towards the carrot" and that's 
meditation...and you get pissed off because 
you're not getting any closer, and you ask 
your meditation instructor and she says:
"You're doing fine...keep walking." "But I 
don't seem to be getting anywhere..." "You
see that carrot in front of you? That's where
you're going." "But why does it seem like 
I'm not getting anywhere?" "Because you're
trying to get to the carrot instead of simply 
walking towards it." "But, if you walk towards 
something, doesn't that mean you want to, 
and expect to, get there?" "If you're walking
towards a carrot on a stick, how can you 
possibly ever get there?" "I know! So, why
am I doing this?" "I'm sure I have no idea!"

Another Lone Crazed Killer

He was rich...(interesting)...microwave towers,
brainwashing...triggering mechanisms. 
I guess it was normal for him to check in to a 
casino with ten rifles....sure, that makes sense.
I guess the deep state media takes you sheeple
all for suckers. 
False flag fear mongering American traitors,
that's who did it.

Random Word Poem: Shorty

Fashionable demolishment, bouncing,
blinking best. 
Celebration amidst fiery darts;
dynamite from a blowgun.
Parasitic gunplay a greedy picnic.
Gurgling gypsies fluff the ensemble.
Gigantic addictive flammable shrimp
surface for the last consumption.
Greedy crawling bovine customers
cue up for disaster.

On the other hand:

Grateful connectedness delights in gland
Slap the elephant in the room.
Victory depends on eating heaven's wall.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Triggering Mechanisms

Triggering mechanisms are psychologically
embedded switches that, when activated,
stimulate specific behavior. The fact that 
the term is a common meme of Millennials 
is visible evidence that they have  been
subject to brainwashing, since the term 
derives from that arena.

Random Word Poem: Truth

Antique notion anachronism when
it's so easy to get away with murder.
Flaw in humanity's backbone,
no rest for the schemer.
Wealthy promise no longer holds water.
Furious circus of twittering imbeciles...
why paint such a bleak picture?
Because the truth is always delicious,
albeit an acquired taste.

"beauty is truth, truth beauty--that is all
ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."


Theatre Versus Entertainment

Theatre originally functioned as a platform
for entertainment, instruction, and moral

Greek drama showed man's foibles as did
Shakespearian drama and Restoration
comedy, as well as entertaining audiences.
Dada and Absurdist theatre manifest the
breakdown of social norms. Experimental 
theatre of the late sixties painted a picture
of society that offended the prescribed status.

The best movies were also instructive in
observing social trends. "The Big Chill" 
demonstrated the loss of idealism of the
sixties as hippies faced the real world. 
"Apocalypse Now" demonstrates the horror
of war, as well as the hypocrisy of USA's
involvement. "The Graduate" showcased the
American Dream as well as one person's 
journey of awakening from it. "JFK" renewed
the debate on assassinations.  This was a
time when movies tried to tell some truth.

Things are different now. In the late sixties,
there were over three hundred and fifty 
independent theatre companies in the USA,
performing their own, original material. Now,
there is only one left, the one I acted in, in '71,
Broom Street Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin. 

How many young people have seen live 
theatre? Movies, television, and the internet
are now the sources for what before could 
only have been done by actors live on stage.
That industry is not interested any longer in
instruction, edification, or dissemination of
intellect. It is purely for entertainment, 
diversion and distraction; i.e. brainwashing  
that masks reality for the benefit of powerful 
people. Actors are no longer artists, but,
rather, corporate shills and pasteboard icons.
The truth is left to the comedians.

The barbarians/Christians are back at the 
gates of the Library of Alexandria, already 
vandalizing common sense and enflaming 
rationality. Will this activity lead to a new 
Middle Ages where wisdom and knowledge 
are circumscribed, and people are kept in the 
dark?  The presence of the internet 
seems to say no at this time. Stay tuned.

(Reviews of the play I was in in 1971
appear as comments)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hitler: The P.C. Poster Boy

Hitler would have been the perfect Millennial:
militant rabble rouser with hatred towards 
a group he felt responsible for his own 
personal sure of his ideas that 
he'd kill others that didn't follow them. 
Just another group of extremists...the jihad
of the politically correct.

But Hitler was kind of a nice guy, aside from 
his beliefs, like so many Millenials...he was 
into astrology, he was a vegetarian...he 
liked dogs...he liked to shit in his mistress's know, like a regular guy from 

The Big Brainwash

"The reason why there are no revolutionaries
in America is because it's like being a
spoilsport at an orgy." Richard Dreyfuss  70's

Everyone in the USA is being brainwashed
continuously. If you watch television, that
speaks for itself....but that is only one of the
most powerful ways that it happens. Billboards,
malls, all other media promote an agenda that
has been manufactured, promoted, and used
to, frankly, drive Americans to the brink of
insanity. If peoples' heads are filled with crap, 
how can they possibly see what's happening 
around them? It doesn't matter how smart you
are if you're constantly in a situation where you
are bombarded with bullshit. I've been out of the
USA for twelve years now, and I've seen the 
propaganda heating up people's brains like 
they're frogs in water that is starting to boil. My
own family, and family of friends that have left
the USA, they tell me, are increasingly irrational.
Donald Trump? Of course he sees this problem,
and that's why he got elected. But the people
that elected him aren't the powerful people that
are creating the problem. He never stood much
chance of success. 

That's why I left the USA, and why others have 
done and will do the same. Because we know, 
short of armed revolution and slaughter of the
monsters that call themselves leaders and yet
rape children and kill their political rivals, the
USA will only continue on it's path to ruin.