Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nothing Burger

One side fits all.
Ran out of track
in a cul-de-sac…
handsome ransom…
Behold a pale, 
dead horse;
beat it.

Oh! la-dee-da! 
Oh! Nothing burger!
And, if the world ends,
no one there to care!
Even pyramids a cosmic
stitch in the Matrix!
Not all discos and fashion shows!

Who first thought: “eternity”
The first that didn’t live it?
What does it mean to just be?
Can you let it be?
“Be what? “ 
See what I mean?

If you wait long enough,
everything happens, so,
trying to create
a perfect state
is already too late.

Yes, a whole lot ‘o shaking
going on, and not much else.
Shake it up,
shake and bake,
pyramids icing on the cake
of a nothing burger.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Random Denouement Musings

Synthecide….freminar…(anybody see “Crumb”?)
Milo…another false fag incident? 
I can write anything…(because I’m not on
Facebook!!….and, nobody reads me.)

“It’s driving me nuts!” How often we hear these 
words these days, on the radio, at the office,
on the golf course, in the laundry-mat, in
the ivory tower, on the floor of congress, in
the gay bath houses, at the steel mill…yes,
we’re all going crazy. And, it’s all their fault.
“It’s probably God’s will that civilization 
will grind to a standstill.” (Z)

Crusin’ upright, vision clear,
weather partly thoughty,
with a chance of tears,

Morons cell phone activated,
mind on their money and
money on their minds…
more on that later.

What’s new in curling, or, 
eighth century ceramics?
Why does that matter?
Are you still thinking about it?

Second Law of Thermodynamics….
thanks for all the fish…
“turn it down!”
yellow brick road
Surprise, motherfucker!
nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

“Maybe they’ll get a replacement…
plenty like me to be found.”
heatstroke, hopscotch, bittersweet
innocence encryption deathtrap.

"Do I dare to eat a peach?"
has a different meaning these days.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Day Tripper #? 2

….like taffy, it doesn’t matter where you
cut it off. It’s not easy to be picky with

“So, THAT”S what they were doing!”
Oh, yeah…..

How many times can you listen to “Over
And Over” by the Dave Clark Five, over
and over again? It’s a simple question.

…yes, this is the point where sometimes
we begin to have problems, where we’ve 
been going along, not paying particular
attention, and suddenly find ourselves…
Where? Many times where we never 
imagined we’d be, for better or worse.

“…and I found myself” theme of a poem
I wrote, stolen gladly from me by brethren.
Who finds themselves is a question one
might ask. How can you find what was 
never lost, yet, we keep running in circles.
If you’re looking for what is actually there,
good for you. Trying to shape the world
the way you’d like didn’t work for 
Napoleon, so, what makes you think it
will work for you? No no…so sorry…what
goes up must come down.

I worked in a factory. I made some money 
and it wasn’t pleasant. I chose plumbing
because it was still an outlaw profession.
We did our job and people left us alone
because we smelled bad. It worked out
well. I survived and still had the time to
do the things in life that meant something 
to me. And plumbing took me out of my 
mind and landed me squarely in my body…
great discipline…great connectedness to 
the moment. Pay me now or pay me later.

Day Tripper #?

La la la….dum dee dum….who cares?
watch?v=f2gyusjxBcY….live stream of 
the Obama/Clinton takedown…la la la…
as the world turns…the states go 
of these means going into the dark age…
It ain’t brain science, it’s common sense…
“common sense is not common 
knowledge”…it’s going to take a lot more
than grease to stop the squeaking…what
a luxury…front seat in the arena watching
the gladiators of the Western World try
to take each other down…pay me now, or,
pay me later…Blake, Rimbaud, Kerouac…
derangement of the senses to pulverize
concrete mind….”the eccentric is the 
basis of design.” Wallace Stevens…(and 
he sold insurance)…yes, the LSD is front
and center…no additives…birthday suit of
psychedelia…now what? …nothing to it
but to keep going…why psychedelics? 
Isn’t life confusing enough?…apparently
not…and, after all, who’s keeping track?
Sure, we have to get from point A. To
point B., but most do that without thinking. 
So, the real question is do we have control
of our own minds? What other question 
could be so important? Taking things  for
granted, which we all do, is the opposite
of being in control. And most people think
that if they’re just going along, and there
don’t seem to be many problems, that 
everything is OK. Ignorance is bliss, from
that point of view. But, of course, it misses
the point.

I could sit, silent, like the stoned Mason I am,
but I can’t seem to shut myself up, no matter 
what people think they know. “To know is
to get lost” Nanao Sakaki. “Filthy Theatre”…
Joel Gersman, exposing the Catholic 
Church’s pedophilia before it became 
fashionable to do so. Fashionable to 
expose pedophilia? Sounds strange, 
doesn’t it? Common sense would say…  
but common sense is not common 
knowledge, as we now know. If you don’t 
trust in your own intelligence, you’re
screwed from the git-go, and might wind
up in Gitmo!! Stranger things have
happened, and will continue in the 
out-of-balance world
we inhabit.

So, why? I don’t know! So, I let it go….
it seems to take care of itself naturally. As a 
character of a play I was in said: “Make a 
decision…just make it! Things will turn out 
more or less the same anyway.” (Sire de
Beaudricort in Anouille’s “The Lark”).

And so it goes, as Vonnegut was wont to 
say. Holocaust? Armageddon? Paradise?
…and so it goes. They say Feb. 25 new 
date for the end of the world. I wish they’d
make up their minds…on the other hand,
they only have to be right once.

The presence of the Lord. Shambhalians 
call it “Authentic Presence”. More than 
charisma, or, more accurately, charisma
Is the outer manifestation of authentic 
presence. Who had it? Gandhi, King,
Kennedys, Mohammed Ali…the truth 
sticks out ’til it can no longer be 
conveniently ignored. These people,
and Elvis and others, were constantly 
giving us a clue as to how life could be
experienced completely, without hesitation,
with critical thinking and common sense
as the basis of joy: Be precise, see clearly, 
know what is. In Buddhism, these are 
called the three kinds of confidence. 
That’s why soldiers follow the best leaders.
Where were we? Ah, yes, as I was 
about to say, who said that?

Friday, February 9, 2018


Listen to and watch the revolution against
the deep state 24/7. Observe as Killary &
Obama are eventually arrested and tried
for treason.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pedant Without A Pedestal

Hillary Rodham Doodah,
e-hole par excellant,
when did anyone take you
seriously? Soap-box-on-
a-rope? Hard worker?
Imperial frozen beast?
An evil like you is 
an acquired taste.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

And So It Goes Again

Will I run out of nothing?
Remains to be seen.
Being is being, after all…
is being is, and all.
Everything falls into place
accidentally on purpose…
a planned accident.
They named it God,
called to it…
the line was busy.

Monday, February 5, 2018

I Can See Clearly Now

I can see Hillary right now:
“If I ever get my hands on 
that damned butterfly!”
hallucinating M&M’s as she
pours another glass of
Chardonney…sparks and
the smell of burnt insulation…
drunk Mario World surrounded
by kaiso blocks…Martha and 
the Vandellas; nowhere to run.

What would Jesus say? “Yeah,
I’m coming back…I’m the only
Savior that can use his hand
as a fucking whistle!!” (Sam)

I don’t think so.

Light is natural optimism…
deep dark depression…
elaborate circling helpless legions?
Final fairytale conceptual enterprise:

“Everything’s clear 
when you’re cornered.” (Trungpa)