Saturday, June 16, 2018

Addendum To Infinity

Subsumed by darkness...
what does the light do? engulf us?
it's a grave truth indeed
when we ignore the universe.

The Fallacy Of Misplaced Concreteness*

We take a step, and the step’s not there.
Our whole life has been a Ponzi scheme.
Taking hearsay to be the truth…
no wonder we’re confused.

Apply Occam’s razor, and get a life.

All we’ve found out is that we cannot know.
All we’ve discovered is a cascade of dead ends.
Those that lived in harmony were already there.
Those that searched for a better truth found 
themselves lost.

Apply Occam’s razor, and give up philosophy 
and religion.

“The search for an external protector has met
with no success.” Expectations are a dark alley.
If humanity is going to rally, get off media life 
support, find the truth that’s out there, and 
discover yourself.

Apply Occam’s razor and get a job.


Under The Volcano

Under the volcano
waiting for the man
here comes the sun
dragging itself home 
at six A.M.

Horton hears a human
Nico starts the van
auxiliary apparatus augmentation
blood bloom in the dropper
mythical contestant
no name game
hanging where I am.

original absurdity loop called life
you go ahead, I’ll wait for you here…
I’ll be your mirror…just look around…
bigmouth robots can’t sustain
empire joyride
ethical blindness 
martini power.

Under the volcano
magma muses
pyroclastic reflections
beginning to see the light
while up above
a rumble is felt
with no idea
of what is to come.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


I recently, within the last few years, have
turned old. I like to put it that way; “turned
old”, because it reminds me of milk that’s
turned or day old bread, a natural organic
process….nothing to be ashamed about.

I knew I was turning because getting drunk
was no longer fun. I didn’t mind the bumps
and bruises that would appear in mornings
that I didn’t remember where they came from.
While I was still drinking, I still thought I was
invincible. Only the increased awareness that
comes with sobriety led me to understand 
that I was in the “old” ballpark. It was a new 
chapter in my life: the “old” chapter, the last 
one. Since I’m a young old person, I’m still 
exploring the territory.

I’m sure getting old will get old after a while.
I’m still exploring the advantages: having a 
good excuse for clumsiness, not remembering
names, speaking inappropriately, (although,
I always kinda did that) etcetera.

But, I’m determined to not go quietly. I wear 
bright colors; rainbow socks for example, 
beads and rings, partly so vehicles can see 
me, partly for effect. I wear patchouli and 
sandalwood since only dogs like the smell
of an old person because they are starting to
smell like food. Also, the colors are a warning
the way blue ringed octopi and tropical toads
warn other animals. Talk to me and I might 
blow your mind, or, even make you laugh…
at least, piss you off. 

Old Buddhists have a  job to do. We must be 
available, like  breadsticks, in case someone 
has a hankering to talk to one. You don’t 
always want to eat breadsticks, but they’re 
nice to have around. We Buddhists are always 
open to serendipity and auspicious coincidence.
At least, that’s what I’m saying now.

I’m writing a lot about old age now, as I wrote 
a lot about love and passion, when I was young.
Obsession with anything is equally delusional,
but, being young, hormones were a good excuse.
And, other young people were equally obsessed,
so, there was an audience. Young people don’t
want to hear about old age. Old people want to
deny and ignore it. So, F’em all, that’s what I got,
and I’m going with it. Better, to my mind, than 
just listening to elders list the present causes of
their near future demise. It’s quite humorous to 
me, actually, to watch bits of me fall off or fail, like
an old jalopy….Superman my ass.

“I am a verb”, as Fuller said; a process, not a 
“thing” that exists eternally, or, really, actually,
from a Buddhist perspective. Watch a time lapse
of a person from baby to oldster. We think we are
the same person throughout our lives, but, if 
we’re honest with ourselves, we see we’re not. If
we haven’t spent time in our lives to look into the
phenomenon of existence, the default perspective
is believing we exist, eternally somehow, 
particularly when our existence is threatened. In
extremis, we call on God, or any of His names, to
save us, like clinging to a rope as we’re falling.

So, aside from the inconvenience, it’s joyful to feel
old and it’s attendant accommodations after 
having sussed out life and realizing it’s like going
to a comedy club for a few laughs, and then,
having to go home.


“I grow old…I grow old…
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
Shall I part my hair behind” Do I dare to eat a  

That’s T.S. Eliot’s lament about growing old and
feeling like a failure. The fact that he wrote those
lines means that he wasn’t. But, Prufrock, the
subject of the poem, shows what most of us are
up against. “The unexamined life is not worth 
living.” supposedly said by Socrates. Good point.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Great Switcheroo

What are the people who 
still love Hillary,
still think Obama 
was a good president,
still think it’s the America 
of the fifties,
still think Hillary 
should have won...
gonna do
when they learn the truth?

Talk about a double take…
…coming soon.

Transpolitical: Definition

Identifying with whatever political party
gives you the most money.

Not In The Mood

I’m not in the mood 
for the end of the world…
don’t crave revolution
against the global cartel
at this devolution.

I’m not in the mood for love
attached by a string,
not in the mood
for so many things:

for transgender penises…

for certainty thoughts; sought
and bought by masses…

for all the crap sold in malls,
for the refuse on T.V..

for social engineering,
climate change,
the UFO debate,
the first amendment debate,
the second amendment debate,
the debate about borders,
the debate about abortion:
all the damned debates.
You only talk so much because 
you’re nervous...
I’d rather look out the window
at trees.

I prefer the company of clowns
and comedians; sailors of the sea
of the soul…musicians who know,
artists who’d rather paint than think.

We live in disaster, and not all those
walking around are survivors,
wake up,
cheer up,
and get back to your senses:

it's back to the senses...
back to the senses now...
now senses the to back...

because the alternative is senseless.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Overheard #1

Defenestrate through the window
of the door of doors into the out.
Outward bound is inward journey,
just reverse…
in other words,
you are the mirror, 
these are the jokes.

In other words, we have the following:

Ageless messenger barbarian horde
reminds us that civilization didn’t come
easy and is easily lost what then.


To A Friend About Current Events

We're stuck with ourselves
until we dissolve into rainbow...
do all the machinations, exacerbations, 
confabulations matter? 
They only make things worse.
Better keep to a simple life
and not harm beings.

Don't Know

My senses are too arranged...
I don't have access to my usual tools...
my muse only likes it rough...
no sense in yelling when everybody is...
Antifa doesn't take time to smell flowers...
everyone's too busy ignoring or getting involved
to see what's really going on...
it's all smoke and mirrors, no blue sky
to relax on your back and look up at...
if you do, someone will accuse you
of "being" something wrong.

If what I am is wrong; white, male, privileged...
If what I am is wrong; repressed, discriminated against,
thwarted at every turn...
If what I am is wrong;  a minority, a majority, a splinter group...
how can  I even open my fucking mouth?

I might as well just give up,
and be a policeman.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Constructing The Future

The Buddhist term “karma” means that all our
activities have repercussions. Newton said all
actions have equal and opposite reactions,
speaking about three dimensional  physics.
Karma is the fifth dimension, time is the fourth.
If we perform actions that are harmful for 
ourselves or others, an equal reaction of harm 
will occur for us, now, or in  the future. The 
same holds true for good, beneficial actions we
might preform…good begets good.

You may have heard the term “instant karma”,
as, for example, when someone does a selfie
on a cliff and falls off…or, someone robs a store
and is shot by a policeman. But karma is as 
vast as space, and as eternal as time. We can’t 
see to the end of the universe, nor can we 
understand the concept of eternity. In the same 
way, we can only observe the outward 
manifestation of a person’s karma.
We could say karma is somewhat connected to 
our genes…we have our mother’s blue eyes and 
our father’s kinky hair. If our parents are intelligent, 
we have intelligence and the attendant benefits of 
a life in a family of intelligent people. This is one 
area in which karma is somewhat visible.

But what would explain someone like Mozart, or, 
Buddha, or Christ, or the first shogun of Japan?
We can’t know, other than looking at the 
circumstances of their lives and try to guess.

It’s said that before he became Buddha, 
Siddhartha had spent countless lifetimes as a 
bodhisattva, dedicating his life for the benefit 
of others. This is the karma we can’t see or know, 
unless we’ve developed  our sense perceptions to 
the point where we can, like the Buddha and other 
great meditation masters were able to do.

Our perceptions are as limited as the time we’ve
spent training our minds, through meditation, 
contemplation, studying logic and other mental
exercises. The mind itself has to be trained in 
order to realize its full potential. It is not enough 
to train the intellect. Intellect is a subsidiary 
function of mind that enables us to make a 
shopping list or fly to the moon, but is bad at 
answering existential questions that arise from 
experience. Questions about our  experience 
arise because we are not completely in  touch 
with, at one with our experience. The karma of 
our experience is seen in the process of our 
discursive minds that churn out thought after 
thought, emotion after emotion in and endless, 
seemingly seamless  stream that we only really 
become aware of when we begin to meditate, 
begin to pay bare attention to our existence.

“Do unto others as you would have them do 
unto you”, shows one method of creating, 
(constructing) a future we might want. If we want 
a positive,  good future, one way for that to 
happen is by doing positive things in this life, 
helping, not harming others and not harming 
ourselves. This is changing the future by means 
of externalities. We can change the future more 
effectively by changing it internally. Through the 
practice of meditation, we can wear out the 
discursiveness of mind that is constantly planting 
seeds for future actions through thought and 
emotions. We have a thought, which is due to past 
karma. If we act on that thought, that is creating
further karma and future karma. Cutting and 
taming the stream of thoughts, wearing it out 
through the boredom  that comes with meditation, 
dissolves the karmic tendencies that go along with 
those thoughts, thus clarifying the present and 
freeing the future from those tendencies.

I once told my teacher I wanted to spend more 
time with  him. His response was: “We’ll make 
time.” I knew what he meant. That our work 
together, now, would create the time in the 
future when we would  be together.

The idea that we have but one life and it doesn't
matter what we do is the most horrible of beliefs.
We don't know where we came from; the place
we'll eventually go back to. It's more logical to
think that, because it happened once, it could
well happen again. And, since everyone else is
doing the same thing, it's absurd to feel certain
we know about nihilism, eternal life, or any other
excuse that makes us feel certainty. If we are
honest with ourselves, we'll admit our uncertainty.

As with any journey of discovery, the path begins
with ignorance. If we don't start there, if we insist
on beliefs that might make us feel a bit more
comfortable, if we don't admit we don't know,
to ourselves, and, because of that seek tools
that can get us out of our ignorance, all we are
doing is waiting for the shock of realizing we've
been wrong the whole time.