Saturday, November 16, 2019

Life, Leverage And The Push For Impeachment

Like watching them try to get up 
a hot air balloon made of lead.
By the time this is over,
Congress will be Comedy Central.

Friday, November 15, 2019

My Teacher’s Instructions

Over the course of studying with Chogyam 
Trungpa, he figured out how to communicate 
with me. Once I asked him a question when
I was with him. He gave me a long answer, by
the end of which, I was on another planet…
just by being with him, my mind was gone.
He knew I was a poet, so, he resorted to 
instructing me through that means of 
communication…one liners, usually. Over the
fifteen years I knew him when he was alive,
I had a meditation interview once or twice a 
year, where he would say something. I would
take what he said and try to do it. The last
sentence on this list was at the last interview
I had with him in 1978. It became a koan for 
me for the next thirty five years, until I finally
realized what he meant.

"You can't afford to be lazy

Don’t go too fast.

Forget about the past.

Cultivate a sense of humor.

Needs more practice.

Pain when you’re around me 
seems to be necessary.

No more questions

I don’t see any more problems.”


Entities that experience through the senses 
but have not yet realized Buddha-hood are
called sentient beings. These beings exist
in a state of apprehension, meaning their 
egos, (survival instinct in animals), get in the 
way of prehension, seeing things as they are,
in order that ego may survive and/or be 
augmented by the perceived phenomena.

The survival instinct, which develops naturally
into ego in humans, is a governor or limiting 
factor, whereby the ego struggles to fit 
experience into the dogma of it’s beliefs, and
learned assumptions. The ego fundamentally
suspects it doesn’t exist, from which 
apprehension springs, and also is the seed of
enlightenment, bodhicitta. From the desire to 
understand springs philosophy, dogmatic 
religion as well as scientific materialism, none
of which are helpful in knowing anything much.

Feeling separate, alienated from our lives is a
symptom generated by this apprehension that 
arises from the belief in a self. It is the seed of 
enlightenment because it is the inspiration of 
the beginning the Buddhist path, the path of the 
dissolution of the illusion of ego. 

Some people say: “What would I do without 
ego?” In Freudian terms, a healthy ego is the sign
of a healthy psyche. In reality, the illusion of self
is the only fundamental problem that human 
beings have. Without it, there is no time lag 
between prehension, intellect/intelligence, and
action. A dancer, a rap poet, and a professional 
basketball player don’t have to think before they 
act. In fact, they wouldn’t be able to perform 
those functions if they tried to think about them 
at the  same time. Actors cannot be in character 
and  refer back to themselves (“how am I doing?”) 
at the same time. Sometimes actors have the 
problem of not being able to get out of character.
Their character becomes their ego. A complex
recognized by Freud, called the “Jarry complex”,
was named after the actor who adopted his
character, Pere Ubu, and wandered the streets of
Paris as that character. George C, Scott had a 
nervous breakdown after playing Patton. Daniel 
Day Lewis had problems after “Gangs of New 

Unenlightened humans have personalities, 
characters, that they have developed over the 
course of their upbringing. It doesn’t matter if 
that character thinks they are the greatest 
person in the world, or the most miserable 
wretch. Whether positive or negative, any 
flavor of self reference is just ego delusion. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


“Atlan” is a suffix in Nahuatl meaning “place of”.
Shamhala is said to be a kingdom, secret and 
not so secret, existing yet hidden, in which all 
the inhabitants are enlightened. The pueblo I live in,
Tepoztlan, in Mexico, is as close as I’ve come to
such a place on earth where I have lived.

I was staying Oaxaca for a winter years ago, and 
I visited Tepoztlan where a Shambhala (Buddhist)
community had been established some years 
earlier. The first two mornings there, while I was 
eating breakfast alone in a restaurant, I found 
myself in tears. At first, I wondered why this was 
happening, until I realized it was because, for the
first time in my life, I felt I was home. 

Yada, yada, yada, I returned to the USA for a year,
then, the next year, moved to Tepoztlan to live, full
time. The process of living here for years has 
slowed me down from the intense days of my job
as a plumber. And it has been a nurturing environ-
ment for my meditation practice and my writing.

So, why do I use the term Shambhalatlan? I 
certainly wouldn’t avow that the inhabitants here
are all enlightened. On the other hand, there is a 
natural goodness, discrimination, and acceptance
of the people here that creates an atmosphere 
that pervades the place, and is, in fact, quite 
magical. An interesting phenomena that people 
have noticed here is that many people who visit 
have a strong reaction to the place, either falling in 
love with it, as what happened to me, or, finding
the energy not to their liking and having to leave;
a self selecting quality.

I heard of a prophesy about Tepoztlan. Perhaps 
thirty to forty years ago, a man asked a taxi driver,
at night, to take him to a certain place. This place
was in the middle of nowhere. The man asked the 
driver to stop, and then said to him something like:
“When the great sadness happens, Tepoztlan will
be protected.” Then, the man walked into the night,
like all these cool stories end.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Veteran's Day 2019 (and the new American Revolution)

Yeah, well, if you'd listened to the poets, 
you might not have needed the soldiers. 
The soldiers are needed because of a 
fundamentally compromised education 
system beginning around the turn of the 20th
century, when students studying American 
History were paid to go to school, in 
exchange for changing the way American 
History was taught in order to further 
power's agenda. The corruption of the 
education system today is the continuity 
of that effort. Without EDUCATION, what 
the Patriots are trying to (and will do) now, 
would not have been possible. There 
would have had to have been a military 
coup against Obama in his second term. 
The reason the Patriots are taking the 
path they have, is that they realized that 
the revolution, without an EDUCATED and 
awakened populace, would have resulted 
in mass hysteria and many, many deaths. 
Are soldiers heros and to be honored and 
respected? Absolutely. But, as Sun Tzu 
and other warriors that were trained not 
just to fight, but also to think, have said in 
the past; the greatest warriors are those 
that win the battle without a fight.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Finish line

Enlightenment’s the finish line;
you can’t get there from here.
Once you know the race is done,
enlightenment is there.

“I can Write A Poem Anytime I Want”

Let’s see if this is true.
Let’s see if I’m lying to myself.
Of course, maybe nothing I’ve ever written
is actually a poem, maybe just
discursive gymnastics, 
verbal theatrics
goofy language,
sparks from the void,
monsters from the Id,
rants of an old man
with too much time 
on his hands.

I do love words the way some love
colors (I do love colors)
music (I do love music)
sports (……………nah).

I’m a comedian wanna be
transitioning from serious comedy
(an oxymoron! I love those!)

As the need to explain to others
grinds to a halt, over time,
because of diminishing returns,
and the hand becomes my mouthpiece,
the joy of bringing joy
seems more fun, and
better communication,
like fresh food instead of packaged,
like reality instead of entertainment,
(reality television, another oxymoron!)
and everything falls into place
spontaneously, with little effort,
“Frankly, my Dear, 
I’d rather be eating a hot dog”
becomes part of:
“Eat, shit, and sleep….
anything else is none of your business”,
Meaning: everything is perfect.
It all depends on how you look at it.

In conclusion,
something just happened between
computer keys, my mind, and a screen.

If this was a joke,
it would have a punchline now.
I guess it isn’t.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Quid Pro Woes

Dems projecting their quids
oh no
there’s something wrong here
can you feel it, Hal?
Short circuiting in public
emotionally skinned,
but you have to give them credit
for keeping their charade running
as long as they have, although,
their suffering the last three years, 
through the defeat of all their plans
is nothing to what’s coming: 
an endless stream of tears

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Greatest Show On Earth

"Trump may be a carney, but he's not a con."
White Fang Lama

The Vietnam war was the first war that
was televised. Because of that, Americans
saw what the war was and what their 
government was up to. Because the public
saw that, protest against the war increased
exponentially. Seeing that, since then, the
American intelligence apparatus has used
television to try to control the narrative, what
viewers saw, in order to steer them to a
particular conclusion.

The show impeachment of Donald Trump
is a grand advertising scheme of the deep
state by the radical Left, to convince 
Americans to adopt their perennial failed
policies. But one thing stands in the way:
Trump himself. No one says Trump is perfect
or enlightened. What Trump is, is an 
intelligent, articulate, powerful human being 
with truly human values. He genuinely loves 
people more than power. He speaks to the 
common man direct truth, which is like 
poison to the mind control manipulators. 
Many Americans, myself included, have 
thought the political process in America was 
corrupted and not worth participating with 
for many years. To hear a leader speak the 
truth for a change is something Americans
have had to get used to for the past three
years. And more and more Americans have
woken to the fact that perhaps the USA can
restore the principles that the country was
founded upon.

This “Great Awakening” is taking. place in
real time and involves the entire Rothchilds
dominated (at his time) world. The USA is 
still the only superpower left in the world.
China, which has been vampire-ing the 
American economy for decades, was in line
to be the new one until Trump started putting
a stop to it. The American people are being
given back control of their own country, which
started when they elected Trump. No wonder
the dynastic cabal of the Clintons, Bushes, 
and Obama are freaking out in total panic.
They are losing control and their evil is being
exposed. The mask is being removed and the
horror that these people are is being seen by
all, which is something from which they will
never recover. The cat’s out of the bag.

Get some popcorn and a nice drink…sit back
and relax. The revolution is being
real time.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Wlll there be a second civil war In the USA?

If there is a civil war, which I doubt, it won't last long.
 Why? Because Trump has two things: 1. Control of 
and support by the military. 2. 60-70% of Americans, 
most of whom own guns and  support Trump. 
What? Soros is going to arm Antifa? They wouldn't 
even know which end of a gun to point!  Do they 
have an army of MKULTRA soldiers to throw at the 
military? NOT!  These people are stupid, and weak. 
They've only been in power by default, because 
much of America had given up on the political system.  
But when Trump came along, all that changed..

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Three Ring Caucus

Democrat impeachment travesty
all show and no tell
the clowns are in charge
Patriots watching
not laughing.

Millennials Vs. The Children Of Trump

The generation growing up now and 
beginning to become aware of the war 
between the deep state and patriotic, 
sane America will be the opposite of 
Democrat produced lazy, worthless
Millennials. They will be so inspired by 
the battle against world evil that they 
will be energized into being part of this 
movement, this wave, this storm that 
will sweep away the powerful egos 
bent on destroying the world. They will 
know the difference between right and
wrong, discover their own power of
common sense. And the lesson learned 
from these times, no matter how long it 
takes and how painful it may be, will be
the memory, the insurance, that will 
inoculate the United States Of America
from such treachery ever arising again.

Poor Japan

Japan has been on a suicide course ever since 
the A bombs and they lost the war. Fukushima 
has irradiated at least a third of the country and 
people are dying.The next generations will see 
increasing birth defects and diseases. They don't 
want to have children, and the children they do 
have don't want to grow up. When I was there, 
the first question I was always asked when 
meeting someone was "Isn't Japan the best 
country in the world?"  The Japanese are 
brainwashed by xenophobia and national ego. 
The whole country is like some strange kind of 
Democrat enclave where the people are insane….
unlike the USA, where only the Democrats are 
insane.Unless a charismatic  sane person, like 
Trump, arises, Japan is doomed. Unlikely a
Trump will manifest, because the Japanese  
don't like people who are creative and powerful 
and independent. It's a hive mind overcome 
by insanity.

Monday, November 4, 2019


Sometimes dreams are not just dreams,
rather, your out-of-body experience takes 
you to a different place, at some point in
time, past, present, or future, and you find
yourself actually there. These are the dreams
we tend to remember. You could have a 
vision when you are awake; a waking dream, 
but, again, out-of-body while in the body. 
All which goes to prove that the dimension
we live in and feel familiar with and are com-
fortable in is not the only one we experience
while we are alive.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Haiku 11-2-2019

lotus arises
there is no mud in Joyville
eternally pure


Only space and mind are omnipresent.

Everything we see are temporary expressions 
of the conversation between space and mind.

Big bang?
First thought:
same deal on a different scale.

Space is omniscient because 
it contains all experience, but,
it’s too easy. to call it God.

The concept of God is anthropomorphizing ego.
Who doesn’t want to play God?

It’s natural that mind wants to see itself…
who doesn’t look in a mirror?

All human endeavor
for temporary pleasure
thrill of rollercoaster
until the “What’s it all about, Alfie?”

Only Buddha discovered that space and mind 
are the same.

When you stop talking to yourself, you'll find
that's all you need to do.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Zen Diagram

Friday, October 25, 2019

Waiting For A Clue

Waiting for a clue
from the unborn
to be born anew
in a new way, face, 
face a new music,
clouds, fingertip whorl…
only change is certain, and,
all will not be.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Poem "X"

X factor….Deus Ex Machina…
who would have thunk God
would fit into a little pill?

Feels like heaven… 
what God wants us to feel?
Knocking on heaven’s door.

do we even own ourselves?

X-communion…not for or against,
rather, with it, hip, part of nature,
like a fat man in the bathtub.

Like B. Franklin said: “Wine is proof 
that God loves us.”

Same for drugs, or, God wouldn’t
have invented plants….His way of
showing what’s possible.

Burnt Masterpiece

“Take a masterpiece..burn it a little…
makes it even better.”  C. Trungpa

Burnt out on struggle, survival, ambition,
plans and dreams, 
schemes for self improvement,
hope that things will get better, 
so, now,
seeing perfection of things as they are. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Good Morning #?

Have coffee yet?
Catch up on the news?
It’s today again.

Can’t top precision
of each moment
as it is.

Be there
or be square one

“You trying to start something?”
‘I thought I already did…although,
hard to know
when it started.”

Puffy face…features starting to blur
together….too many iterations, cell
replacement, code gets fuzzy, DNA

Old people were respected because
there weren’t that many…if you got old,
you must have done something right.

Nowadays, anyone can be kept alive 
well beyond a reasonable expiration date.
But, still, this sunny day rates a ten.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Air In The Morning

Wafting air breeze sun and clouds
chaotic atomic decadence dance
sharp amoebic disingenuousness
slap in the face thanks…needed that
words with meaning drip dry ready
on the rocks in the bag over the target
all I need is a windmill
straight up
no chaser.

Monday, October 7, 2019


Tired too
of the nonsense now
of so called civilization
“is dis a civilization?” when 
Monday Night Football is all
you can be pretty sure of.

Fuck God…
pretty sure I’m the first 
to put that in a poem…
now you’ve been ambushed.

Time’s Square, NYC, 1953
you can’t see the space
because of the buildings…
you can’t see the buildings
because of the advertisements.

Ambushed over time
by layers of an onion
without meaning,

Tinsel covered Xmas tree in the trash…
ambushed by empty boxes, torn ribbons,
emptiness that everything you know is wrong.