Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nothing Doing

When nothing's doing, nothing
has to be done.
When nothing's doing, you can
bet something's going on.
Where do you think all this came
from anyway?
It had to be nothing in the first place. 
or, why bother the big bang?
"Don't bother me, I'll big bang later,
I'm busy doing nothing."
It had to be a smart alec nothing,
an intelligence without form that
started this whole misunderstanding
in the first place.
That nothing wants you to try to 
give it a name, a definition, some
solid sense of something, because
the only reason for all this is so that
it can have a good laugh.
Why do you think humans, the 
"higher intelligence",
have a sense of humor anyway?
Because someone had to get the joke.


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