Sunday, May 28, 2017


Sense of humor is anti-gravity.
It's gravitas that brings us down.

If you laugh, you live longer, it's true.
We know many that don't have much 
to laugh about, but gallows humor
happens in grave situations and 
lightens the load of the inevitable.

I am against all the forces of gravity:
the force that makes my skin sag,
Nixonian heaviness,
life as a serious circumstance.

I will march with helium balloons!
I will go fly a kite!
I will shoot myself into space just
to be there!

Anti-slave work ethic!
Anti-emergency room P.C. children!
Anti-heavyweight repressive government!
Anti-propaganda and brainwashing!
Anti-robotic anti-human!

I think you see a pattern.

Anti-lack of luster and joyful celebration
to soar above oppressive lower realms!


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