Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dedication On The Publishing Of My First Book Of Poems

I would like to thank Daniel and everyone he 
works with for materializing this book. It really 
seems like magic to me the way it came about.

Writing, painting, dancing, singing, all art comes 
as a  natural expression of the human heart 
since humans painted in caves, as necessary 
to their existence as  the air they breathed and 
the food they ate.

It is spiritual in that it connects our minds.

It is universal in that everyone has heard the sound 
of the water when the frog jumps into Basho's pond.

It is not entertainment because it is the opposite of
distraction. It draws our attention the way we 
remember listening to our grandmother's stories 
when we were children.

It is necessity of love, though it expresses the 
rainbow of emotions.

It is the anthem of our species.

It gives me joy to know that some 
will hear these words.

(to be read in Bucharest at a dedication of the book, April 6)


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