Saturday, March 12, 2016

Politically Correct

Let's straightjacket speech
so we have to walk on eggs
about the words we use.

Let's never offend anyone
in any way, because doing so
violates their rights to be idiots.

No dodge ball anymore in school,
because putting someone in the
center makes them feel picked on.

No competition anymore, because
people will feel hurt if you call them
a loser.

No more performance evaluations
because it would mean calling
them incompetent.

No more malpractice suits for 
doctors, because we all trust
doctors never make mistakes.

No more parent teacher meetings,
because we know every child is 

No more absolving of sinners,
because who has a right to cast
the first stone?

No more karma, because no one
deserves anything bad. No more
prisons, because criminals are
basically misunderstood.

Fuck the PC niggas. (Even Chris
Rock said there was a difference
between "black people" and that
dirty word.) Fuck the youth that 
subscribe to free-less speech. 
They can all frog walk themselves
into the ocean. They all need a good
ass-kicking talking to.


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