Friday, November 20, 2015

World News Or Rant Of A Conspiracy Theorist

(subtitle:  Wake Up Or Be Put to Sleep)

Decepticon; great word for corrupt power robots,
more visceral than Neocon.

Sheen is more sheepish now that he knows
his tiger's blood is rife with HIV.

ISIS is not more than
another CIA plot.

Christianity was the first Scientology,
Paul of Tarsus the first L. Ron Hubbard:
"On this rock will I build my church."
Who said dat? Doesn't sound like Jesus.
"Love thy neighbor as thyself." Sounds
like Jesus...I guess The Church was too
busy making money to hear that one.
As Nietzsche said: "There was only one 
Christian, and they killed him."

John Lear, son of the creator of the Lear
jet, has said that the USA has been going 
to the moon and Mars since the early sixties,
and the space program was solely for public
consumption and diversion:

If true, it explains a number of things:

Why NASA has switched it's attention
from exploration of space by manned 
missions, to trying to find planets suitable
for human habitation.

Why the ruling elite doesn't care to preserve 
the earth's environment...and even, perhaps, 
the UFO phenomena; perhaps many of the 
observations are of space traveling machines
that humans have designed and built.

Why such "revelations" are coming out now;
because so many people have been 
brainwashed that you can plainly state the truth, 
or lie, and most won't know the difference or 
even pay attention, unless they themselves 
are affected directly and  viscerally.

The assassinations of the Sixties proved to your
owners they could get away with murder; that they
could get away with anything, so, now, they get
away with everything.

Conspiracy nut? When will you decide to pay
attention? After it's too late? I was 14 when
JFK was killed. We all felt then that something
was wrong with this picture.

"Everyone is alone in the heart of the earth,
pierced by a ray of sun:
and, suddenly, it's evening."

Salvadore Quasimodo


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