Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Running From The Cops In Colorado

When my dad died in 2002, I inherited some
money. The first thing I did was buy a new car.
I tested a Volvo convertible, a BMW, and a
Toyota Celica. I decided on a GTS Celica. 
I drove that car all over the place for a couple
of years, loving every minute. The fastest I ever
drove it, the fastest I ever drove a car, was 120
MPH, heading back to Rocky Mountain Dharma
Center, the Buddhist meditation center in 
Colorado, where  I was living. The closest 
town was Red  Feather Lakes, a small mountain  
community about a twenty minute drive from the 
center. The staff of the meditation center would 
go there on days off to the restaurant to eat 
hamburgers,  play pool, and have a few drinks. 
I usually had  more than a few. There was a side 
road that teed  off the main road that was about  
a mile and a half long that led to the town. 
Driving out from Red Feather lakes, on two 
different occasions, I passed a police car 
coming into town. On both occasions, I
looked in the rearview mirror and saw the 
cop turn on  his lights. On both occasions, I hit 
the time there was a car stopped at the 
tee intersection, and I blew past him, making a 
left turn, I sped, doing 90, down the curvy, well 
paved road, back to the dharma center. The cops, 
in their little pick ups, had no chance to catch me. 
There was a dirt road teeing off the main road 
that led to the dharma center....I did good time 
down that one too. 

One afternoon, I was driving back from Fort
Collins, having a nice drive. I was sober that 
afternoon.  I teed off the main road onto the 
dirt road. I had a habit  of doing good time on the 
dirt road, drunk or sober, because I was quite 
familiar with the road. So, I was doing about the 
twice the speed limit...maybe more, when a cop 
car passed me going the other way. I looked in 
the rearview mirror, and he had stopped, so, I 
knew he was coming after me, but, since I had 
not  been drinking, instead of running, I quickly 
pulled over, and waited by the side of the road for 
him to drive up  to me.  It wasn't just a regular cop, 
it turned out to be the sheriff!  He checked my 
license on his radio and  came back to the car. He 
asked me why I had been  going so fast. I told him 
that I knew I was going too fast, but that I traveled 
the road almost every day, and knew  it quite well. 
I told him I lived at the dharma center, and he told 
me he had just left a meeting there! He told me
that I could be in a lot of trouble, and I was duly 
humble. He let me off with a stern warning, and I 
drove off slowly.  He was an older man, and I think 
he appreciated that he didn't have to chase me 
down that curvy dirt road. Had he caught me, I'm 
certain he would have thrown the book at me. 
I beat  the cops, running and not running! I think
Sun Tzu would have been proud of me! I loved 
that damned car.


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