Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Even The F'ing F'ers Are F'ed By Their Own F'ing F'ing.

"Nobody gets out of here alive."  

Jim Morrison

We're all in the same boat.
Even if the rich survive,
underground, or on some
other planet, they take their
self destructiveness along. 
And, who would want to 
survive alongside them,
Bad mojo, Jojo.

Because of their karma,
when they die, they will 
be gone, purged from the
possibility of existence, 
so that the space of the
next Golden Age can arise. 

It's a long term view, time as
cyclical, not linear, which the 
West was never able to grok.

Oh, ye of little faith, knowledge,
awareness, cling to your garbage,
or, theirs, doesn't matter.
"Everything must go!!"


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