Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Third Mind

The term, "the third mind", was coined
by William Burroughs, with his
collaborator, Brion Gysin, to signify an
intelligence that seems to arise out of 
random association. This is not the third
mind to which I refer.

"I' and "other", "me" and "them" are the
two minds of the basic split, duality, 
binaryness. The third mind I mean is the
mind that pervades space, that is space
from which the other two minds arise.

It is not God, as many may wish, because
it does not effect the "poofing" of phenomenon
into is not a conscious creativity.
This third mind was born at the time of the
"Big Bang" along with everything else. Only 
after matter got itself together did it appear
as sentience.

The third mind is intrinsic to experience. 
Overcoming the delusion of the other two minds
is the purpose of human life; to live in harmony
with matter and its offspring.

Sense of separation, individuality, self 
consciousness are all a survival mechanism for
sentient beings until they have self evolved to
the point of complete integration and harmony.

Far from being wishy-washy, third mind 
manifestation in beings is accuracy beyond 
bi-polar, dualistic comparison. A third mind being
is simply part of the environment, a cloud that 
talks, a mountain that sings, in sentient form.

Discovering this third mind, complexity uncoils 
itself, there are no more questions. Matter and
consciousness have resolved their equilibrium.
Enlightened beings such as Buddha, the Sixteenth
Karmapa and Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, are
examples of the complete manifestation of this 
third mind, the true goal of humanity.


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