Thursday, May 25, 2017

The New Age

The New Age blossomed at the
Monterrey Pop Festival, and ended
by the time of Altamonte. Anyone who
discusses a "new awakening" or New
`Age happening now should consider
that that awakening flourished at that
time, and has been continuing since 
then in many fields such as organic
farming, alternative health, and spiritual
growth as a few examples. The 
movement itself was quashed by the CIA.
Even Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir were
co-opted. One powerful tool they used
was to cause a shift in drug use from LSD
and pot to amphetamine and heroin. That
was about all they needed to do. That shift
killed a lot of iconic musicians for example.
Even so, the spirit and discoveries of that
time live on and are helping young people.

As far as that spirit saving humanity from 
self destruction, that doesn't seem to be 
in the cards. All religions without exception,
as well as many indigenous cultures, see this
period as a very dark time, which we begin to
realize is true more and more as events unfold.

Sauve qui peut.


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