Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mind Training

Everyone's mind is trained one way
or another, whether it's passively
trained by upbringing, by formal
education, by athletic or military 
discipline. The mind becomes trained
in these ways not only to perform tasks,
but also in how it perceives and
reacts to reality. None of the afore-
mentioned types of trainings train the
mind itself, the instrument itself, bare 
and naked, to see clearly. No Western
education including the highest 
intellectual trainings, shows the mind how
to simply just be. This kind of training of
the mind is solely the province of Buddhist
meditation, some of the Indian yogas
and some of the martial arts.

So, basically, 99% of humanity is going off
half cocked in the sense that humans
have abilities to accomplish incredible things,
but don't always act in accord with natural
order  because their minds aren't trained to 
see how things really are apart from the
mental constructs that are a side effect of 
the way their minds have actually been trained. 
GMOs are one example of this.

In short, the mind itself needs to be trained
through the clarifying discipline of meditation
to be able to see reality without bias or 
preconception. This is natural, organic morality,
the opposite of being a chemist for Dow and
making lots of money because one can and it 
makes one feel good and not considering the 
consequences of one's work.


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