Thursday, May 18, 2017

Into The Next Page

.....into the next page of things. Is this a
continuation? Hard to pin point what isn't
Even Einstein said he didn't figure anything 
out...his ideas came to him in dreams like
Tesla. Tesla said he had all his knowledge
when he was a boy, but it took his lifetime
to manifest/realize it. As if his wisdom, his
immense knowledge, was somehow growing
in his mother's womb.


I'm in it for the duration. Imagine actually 
saying that if you were going to war, not
knowing what war meant. "In it for the
duration." How noble! 
But, if you had a choice?

Obviously, I don't, so, I am in it for the duration.
One must always take that into consideration
when one contemplates such adventures. In the
"olden days" I might have thought: "OK, I get
this, so, when does it stop?" Silly rabbit...try 
twelve hours from now. They don't call it a trip 
because you actually get anywhere at's
just they didn't  know what else to call it. Bye bye.

Yes, Jerry, we know. It's truly weird here too.


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