Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day Tripper #4

No and running.
Ok, so, I'm what?
Was it a good idea?
Dunno....just dropped it without
much thought. After all this life I've
already had, what should I expect
that would be the least bit different?
I never took life at face value, I can 
tell you that...I always fucked with it
because it was always fucking with 
me. It deserved a dialogue. You want
me to accept things without 
discussion? Good luck with that. 
So, yes LSD, ahem! Where's Neal 
you need him? Never mind about that
now....we've things on our plate to deal time for nostalgia or wishful
thinking...the train is on it's tracks 
proceeding normally in it's inevitable 
direction. Enjoy the scenery.

OK, I will...thanks for pointing that out...
who am I talking to? Where do thoughts
come from...tell me that and I won't bother 
you anymore. 

Ok, I know it's come on....I remember...but,
for an unknown reason, it doesn't feel that
much different than the way my mind is now
ordinarily. What the fuck does that mean?
I graduated from LSD? Give me the fucking 

It's good. I wanted something like this to 
happen, and now it is...imagine that. And
all this great music to listen to...holy fuck.
Nice and pure...the way I rarely had it in
the old days. It took the hammer of LSD to
shake me out of my stupor back then. Of
course, I shouldn't say it was my stupor. 
It would be presumptuous of me to suppose
I could have been the one who created the
somnolent world I was born into. My 
generation was lucky enough to have the
cosmic tool chest we used to wake up. Cosmic
dynamite to explode the myths we were force
fed...not that it was anybody's fault, really. 
Nobody I knew when I was young, parents
included, had a clue what was going on. They
found a way to survive that worked for them, 
and as far as the rest was concerned, they 
could care less. It was always just about getting
pleasure and avoiding pain....not that 
complicated really. Not sophisticated or complex.
Great works of art happen, sure they do. But
pointing to the artist is like pointing to the reflection
of the moon in the water. It's not the same as
pointing to the moon.

Hey, that was a pretty good one.

So, is the point of LSD, (any of it really).....
wait a minute..stop there. 

Real nice...talked to my friend...he was there for me.
Where to go from here? Right now, i'm experiencing
how arbitrary that question seems. I'm there....I'm
here even. Enough said. What's a hallucination 
between friends?

"Have a nice experience!" Might have to take a 
break from words. "Wore my 44 so long,
it made my shoulder sore.

I asked for it...gotta remember that....I asked for
it all...the whole life even.

I have music and I'm tripping balls...what a nation!
If I was paying much attention, `I'd probably be seeing
shit by now.....Nixon couldn't have handled it...good
thing Grace Slick didn't get to dose the coffee.

This is it...this is the experience of LSD....
how marvelous! If only the kids back home
could see me now! If only they could be me now.....

Now I know why we did it. Now I know why I don't
have to do it anymore, because it was there to 
show me where to go, and then, I went. So there.

The more less I know, the better I feel. I had to 
figure out that the complexity wasn't the essence.
I came to the conclusion that non-existence was
the only way I could continue. Actually the 
conclusion came to me only because I was paying

Doesn't have to make sense.

"If you wanna experience something truly weird,
you outta come up here for an idle half's 
truly weird."

Yes, Jerry, we know. That's why we all got naked
and had such a great time. Yes, Jerry, we know.

A little too fucking hot showers 
help a lot. No fucking way I'm putting on clothes 
for a while. I used to walk around my house, when
I was a kid, naked. Nobody seemed to mind.


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