Saturday, April 1, 2017


I'm writing this at my desk...
not much time and got to get
it down before they get here...
if it hadn't been for that bad
lobster dinner and missing the
train, I wouldn't be in this 
mess...the key's in the mail 
box, and the timer is set for
two o'clock tomorrow afternoon...
that's all I needed to get down. 

A few minutes 'til they get here...
I could write down a few things...
my last testament?

What's worth saying? Besides, 
soon it won't matter...only 
a very few will even see this. 

Glad that bottle was still in the 
drawer...always enjoyed the view
of the shore from this window...
nice breeze today...I can smell 
a little salt. I'm sure they'll 
find the boat in a day or two...

The shakuhatchis were a nice touch...
and, you have to admit, the timing
of the assassin was impeccable...

someone's at the door..


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