Thursday, November 3, 2016

Proposal For A New College Course

"What Went Wrong?"

In this course we will study global
history beginning with the industrial
revolution. The purpose of this course
is to understand how and why Homo
Sapiens fucked up to the point of
destroying the species, and if remedial
action could save the planet. We will
examine the advertising industry as a
function that sells without moral
constraints and as the driving force
behind the cult of materialism and the
metastasizing of the American Dream. 
We will examine how this sickness has
infected every aspect of public life;
education, government, sports, the arts,
and public opinion. What if anything can
be done to reverse the brainwashing?
We will examine the phenomenon of 
Donald Trump, and how his campaign 
has exposed this sickness that threatens 
the existence of intelligent life on the earth.


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