Monday, November 21, 2016

Nothing Happens

What if something really big
hit the earth and turned it into

There won't even be a memory
left of if the earth
never happened.

The universe wouldn't blink 
an eye. 

If nothing happens, how can there
be karma? How can something that
didn't happen affect future events?

It doesn't, and yet, it does...for the
same reason as why thoughts 
travel faster than light.

The same reason as we seem to 
exist, and yet experience is 
constantly changing. You can't 
put your finger on a table and say:
"This is real." because it's only 
a temporary phenomenon. Human
experience is even more ephemeral.
We might have a table in our house...
The table in the morning is pretty 
much the same as it will be in the 
evening. We however, might feel,
(usually do), completely different than
the way we felt in the morning. Yet,
we still answer to our names, put on
a smile and pretend things are great,
trying to make it all seem real and
really happening in a way we expect
it to be, in the worst cases.


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