Sunday, October 30, 2016


Tired of living. 
Allergic to the vicissitudes
of that endeavor...yearning
for non-existence.

What can be done
has been done.

The great men are forgotten,
their deeds buried in the dust.

Archaeologists discover
ancient civilizations....
"What fantastic lives they
must have had!"
"Thanks...I'll tell them."

life continues...
meals are good,
and the feel of clean sheets.

"Will there be nuclear war?
Will Trump/Hillary ruin the USA?"

It's a moot point...what can happen
will happen, as always, and the cries
and the protests about the way things
are fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, time still is, and
the ferris wheel still goes around,
games are played,
Homo-sap "gits 'er done!"
the tamasha continues 'til the end.


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