Monday, May 16, 2016

What's The Hurry?

You're not getting anywhere...
you might survive a while...
experience some pleasure...
a tropical beach long enough
for a few photos and back 
to the grind.

You may get to retirement
and not remember what
life was for.

You may get rich and famous,
its own kind of hell.

You may not succeed and
feel bad about that, or, succeed
and put a Richard Cory bullet
in your head.

So, tell me again...
where are you heading so fast,
will it still be there when you get there,
and will it look like what you imagined?

What I'm saying is the path is the goal:
to be where you are; the journey more
interesting than the destination.

We learn nothing crossing the finish line;
only if the journey has been worthwhile


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