Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Soap Box Rant #1A

They weren't human when
I was a child, all the adults,
my teachers, all robots
dreaming they were alive.

Orwell's future was already
there...it took my whole life,
years of drunkenness and
meditation to rid myself of
conditioning. Deprogramed,
I'm finally free! 

Not too many make that 
claim....I can't prove it, but,
I don't care! 
Sauve qui peut!
The means are everywhere!

Ayahuasca, Ibogaine,

Others, looking for the truth,
fall into cults; Scientology is
the poster child.

All looking for the truth, or,
brainwashed into thinking
they found it.

How do you know when 
you've found it?

If you rely on your thinking 
mind to tell you, you're lost:
"To know is to get lost."
Nanao Sakaki

"It's back to the senses...
back to the senses now...
now senses the to back."

Australian aboriginals
sang songs based on the
landscape so they always 
knew where they were.

"At the premier of my movie
I had no idea what I was doing 
or why, although, it must have 
had something to do with money."

George Clooney should be $#^%!
His mind is a danger to himself 
and others!
His money should be taken and
used to build orphanages!
And he is only one of them!
Robot monsters self satisfied at
the expense of others!
Who cares that his face looks good
in a magazine!

Yes, it is not for no reason that 
people stand on soap boxes and rant.
I'll bet the Bible prophets didn't whisper.

It was only after the Church took control
that they started to imprison and burn
geniuses...the Catholic Church, rivaling
Islam in the amount of blood they spilled,
now confining their aggression to raping
young boys. That there are still parishioners
is a monument to blind stupidity.

And that's just one of the mega-disaster-
mind-manifestations that keep humans
away from freedom!

Free your mind before the universe gives 
up on the failed experiment called humanity!
The only way to save the world is
to free your mind!


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