Monday, May 23, 2016

Improbable Paradise

It took a long time
to get here...
flowers on the table,
waiting for hamburger 
and fries...
waiting for the rain...
waiting to meet the
inevitable traveler...
inevitable sky bombs
of celebration, 
predictable yet 
accidental paradise
I never thought I'd find.

Maybe it was a planned 
accident...I'll never know
and no one can tell me...
my struggle just let go.

I let loose the rope, the fear
of death, long ago, only 
knowing holding on was
not the way to go.

Most of my life floating
between disasters and
revelations, not knowing
where the wind would 
take me, only sensing
the path in moments of 
now that led me here
ten years ago.

Now i'm here, wanting
no where else to go.

How long will I stay?
How long do I have at all
'til an invisible wind 
blows me to the next
unfathomable destination?

One thing is certain: 
everything changes
except the heart always
pointing in the right direction.


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