Sunday, May 15, 2016

Birdies And Flowers

Flowers insinuate themselves
into the air.
I pick them, I pluck them,
I don't care.

Birdies twitter in trees
oh so colorfully.
In pies I will eat them,

All natural beauty
only for me. 
I'll only hate garbage
when it's all that I see.

My riches will keep me
away from that sight.
As for everyone else,
I don't give a shite.

Birdies and flowers
how marvelous!
I love them equally;
I'm omnivorous!

Don't worry...
you won't meet me.
When everything's gone,
you might want to eat me.

But I'll be OK
in my underground lair,
caviar and champaign
carefully stored there.

And when you're all through
with having it out,
it's then I'll decide
it's time to come out.

You'll be gone, the earth
once again will be free
for the "haves" to enjoy,
the Morlocks, like me.


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