Tuesday, May 17, 2016

After Life

After Life

After the word, the beginning,
came life, after life, after life.
as if, if we just kept trying,
sooner or later, 
we'd get it right.

Don't you get it yet?
The ones that get it right
don't come back, or, do
for what seems an eternity,
only to help others get it.

That's why there are 
comedians, not that getting
it right is a punchline.
Most of the punchlines come
from getting it wrong...
and only in humor, it seems,
do we get much of anything.

What is after life?
The Zen comedian says:
"There is nothing next, this is it!
So, sit until you get it!"

How boring, so, most keep busy
totally frustrated by not getting
anywhere in this mystery.

"Time?" says the bodhisattva,
"I've got nothing but time."

Buddha says nothing.
He just holds up a flower
and smiles.


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