Sunday, April 24, 2016

What If Satan Got Angry?

Isn't he always anyway?
He might as well should be...
he wears the outfit, 
walks the walk.

If he got angry, wouldn't that 
be redundant? Is he ever happy?
does he ever look at a flower
and not think: "I want to destroy

When he reads the paper over 
coffee in the morning, does he
smile and think to himself:
"Good...things are just fine."

If he laughs with his friends,
(if he has friends), what do they
laugh about?

"Sin sure is a bull market!"

"Finally, most people are going crazy!"

"Gotta love the presidential election!"

"Political correctness...I wish I'd 
thought of that!"

"Bring me L.B.J. ....I want to hear 
his story again." 


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