Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Up Again

In the morning,
did my chores,
processed thoughts
of the night before.
Waiting for an earthquake
the next few days.
I felt the last one here
before it happened.
Waiting for election;
Hillary the monkey,
Bernie the fox,
Trump the lion,
who will it be?
I feel something bad
before it happens.

People come to Tepoztlan
for vacation, from
Mexico City, for the air
and the ambience. It's
safe, for Mexico, for the 

A prophesy forty years ago;
a taxi took a man at night, 
into the countryside, nothing 
around. "Let me out here.."
(the middle of nowhere)
"When the great sadness 
comes, Tepoztlan will be 
spared." The man disappeared
into the night. (stranger things
have happened...)

Who's kidding whom?
What do you see?
Where do you look?
The truth is never negative...
we put judgements on it.
And nothing much is 
different since the beginning
of time, the beginning of space.

When I was young, my mind spun
with thought, trying to figure out
where and why I was at all. I read

When I met my teacher and asked:
"Isn't there an easier way?" and he
shook his head and smiled, I stopped
reading and got busy on the path.

Now, I get up again, into a day,
as the world keeps spinning....
as the universe keeps spinning...
as your minds keep spinning...
going nowhere. 

In Tepoztlan, 
waiting for the change.


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