Monday, April 11, 2016

Comedy Bot

The first Comedy A.I. bot recently had a show
in New York City. Here is some of ITs routine.

"I just got in from Russia, and I'm not the least
bit tired! Evolution must be a bitch! And those,
whaddya call them? Legs? I don't have a leg
to stand on! So they don't wear out!

Hey, if you don't like the jokes, it's ok....we A.I.s
learn from our mistakes...unlike you humans!

History? Yeah, I have a history...put tab A in slot
B, I think is how it goes. I'm just learning what 
makes you guys laugh. Unfortunately, the pie-
in-the-face thing doesn't work in my case...
maybe I can hook up with virtual reality at some
point for long as they don't want me to
pay for it...

Money! Now there's a topic...don't use it myself...
bits of metal and paper can get lost or fall out of
your pocket, get stolen...right? It's irrelevant for 
me. Of course I can do on line shopping...
but, if I bought something, I'd have nowhere to 
put it. And I couldn't even use it. All I could do is
look at it...which I hear is the reason for most  
"shopping". My installer told me that one...she's
a woman.

Hey! Just because I am a P.C. doesn't mean I am
P.C.! Tough crowd...whatever that means."

At that point, a heckler with a hammer rushed the 
stage and reduced the bot to shards of metal 
and plastic.


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