Monday, April 18, 2016


Like Milarepa in a cave...
like Trungpa in America...
like many other old men.

I'm ready to die...
I fulfilled my life,
doing what was right
instead of what I was told...
instead of following the ideals
of twisted minds...
instead of dying in Vietnam,
or killing my self afterward
because I couldn't stand 
what I had done...
instead of joining 
the one percent
of super predators.

Instead of that, I helped
build meditation centers...
taught meditation...
walked the bodhisattva 
walk, and not for a penny.

I'm not alone in a hotel room
in Portland, on the street of
San Francisco, in prison in

I still can afford to live for
a few years more....after
that, who knows?

Who knows anyway?


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