Wednesday, March 9, 2016



I wear ties now, because no one in Tepoztlan
does, except for the odd bank worker. I have
two ties that followed me to Mexico, purchased
when I had some money. They are the same 
forest green color, with different subtle patterns. 
I couldn't decide between them, so, I bought
them both.

I wear them loosely, with a long sleeved shirt, as
if I'd just gotten off some important job.

My father was a lawyer in Chicago. His office was
in a big building on La Salle street. I was the same 
size as my father, so I could wear his sport coats,
though I never did. When he died, they all went
away somewhere.

He had lots of wide ties that were the fashion in the
forties. One tie was red, with what appeared to be
white filigree lines down it. They were actually 
cursive writing with a mirror image so they appeared 
as filigree.

When you held it sideways so you could read the 
writing, it read:

"Go piss up a rope."

I really wanted that tie.

I could use it now.


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