Monday, March 7, 2016


The world
took advantage of me,
used me for purposes,
treated me like just another
gizmo it bought unconsciously
at the bazaar.

The world
has its own unconscious laws
of nature, serendipitous 
propensities regulated, if not
for the mistakes of man.

The world
is not your friend or enemy, is
indifferent in its to and fro...the
tide comes in and goes out.
Only men try to make sense of it.

The world is unbiased insensitive
insensitivity, beyond good and evil;
the temporary effects of human

If the world fails, it is because we 
have failed, in our superior 
judgement, to understand it wasn't
broken to begin with, so we tried
to make it even better than paradise.

If it wasn't paradise, we never would
have been born into it in the first place,
which would have been the world's
pure dumb luck.

Maybe, after billions of years, after
dinosaur display of awesomeness,
the world allowed humans to evolve,
knowing it was asking for trouble.

Maybe this time, the world thought,
they wouldn't make a mess of things,
and would be adornment to its

After all, the world thought, when you've
got a universe to play with, you might as 
well take a few chances...

after all, it's just finger-painting with
stardust, and you can always create
another day and start over.


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