Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Orwellian Addiction

The term "brainwashing" was in vogue 
in the USA around the time of the Korean
War. It referred to the implementation of
various psychological techniques on 
captured American troops. The movie;
"The Manchurian Candidate" was a 
distillation of that concept. But the term
brainwashing is anachronistic in popular
usage. The fact of the syndrome, however, 
is everywhere apparent in the world, and 
particularly in the USA, so, I decided it 
would be good to update the term as 
"Orwellian addiction".

Addiction, as a concept and a fact, is 
everywhere apparent in American society
and culture. It usually is used in reference
to the chemical or substance variety of
addiction, but I propose that addiction in
the broader sense is valid to describe the
forces shaping American culture as a whole.
The political foment that is occurring during
these elections is a direct example of this 
point. You have two candidates, Clinton and
Trump, at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Hillary Clinton stands for the status quo. 
Many Americans think their country is the
same great nation it seemed to be in the 
Fifties, particularly the elder generation. 
Any person with their eyes open has already
been disabused of that notion. Whatever it 
is now is nothing like it was then. Yet, there
is comfort and seeming security in having 
life go on as usual. 

Trump is for real change, not the platitude
change of Obama, but real, somewhat 
painful change of institutions and attitudes.
He has so many supporters because the
middle and lower classes are waking to the
fact that government is not working, that 
media is a manipulative mechanism to
maintain the status quo; that, perhaps, only
Bernie and Donald are willing to say what
they feel is the truth, painful though it may

And there are those that believe what they've
been fed and told by a power intent on 
distraction: Orwellian addiction to a lying media,
entertainment that stresses the appropriate 
ways to regard what's happening, appropriate
language that obfuscates communication, ideas
that please and sooth, such as "We're Number 
One!" as a glaring example. Many Americans 
are addicted to the junk of nice sounding words,
pleasant, smiling, reassuring faces, the feeling
of being "us", not "them". 

So, of course, when a red faced, independent
billionaire stands up and says "I'm mad as hell,
and I'm not going to take this anymore!" the 
Orwellian addicts react with vicious anger that
their comfort is being threatened and challenged,
even in the face of the truth. They don't want to 
wake up. They don't want to have the lessening
boundaries of their comfort challenged, just as
an addict feels threatened by an intervention. 
The power in America, the corporations, the
pharmaceutical companies and others, have gone
to great pains to maintain their profits at the
expense of the health and welfare of the ordinary
American citizen. This truth is being exposed,
and the addicts are starting to freak out. It is one
reason why, no matter what the media slings at 
Trump, his followers appear steadfast. It is why
many people that have given up on the electoral
process will vote this time. People are getting 
tired of the crap, both material and psychological,
they've been forced to consume. Some sheep
are taking notice and looking around and 
beginning to understand the feeding pens they
have to live in. Yes, this is revolution. The 
outcome is highly in doubt, the time is extremely


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