Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Warrior Rant

In the Shambhala tradition of Tibetan
Buddhism, the word "Pawo" means
"warrior, or, literally, "one who is brave."

A brave person is not just some one
who enters combat fearlessly. A brave
person, particularly these days, in the
context of Western society and American
culture specifically, is one who tells the truth.

It has become not only commonplace, but
standard operating procedure, for the US
government to lie to its citizens. The laundry
list of lies...and, let's just start with Vietnam,
"my" war, is astoundingly long, and covers
most major historic events from then until now.
Details here are not necessary to the purpose
of this rant: if you are an American and don't 
realize the truth of what i'm pointing to, you 
might as well pull up the covers now and go
back to sleep. America was never the image
of the happy daddy family, driving down vast
highways with gleaming smiles. Read 
"Manufacturing Consent", for just one book.
"Keeping up with the Joneses" was a common
meme in the Fifties, and it meant that most
Americans were trying to outdo each other in
an imposed consumer conformity. Think: 
"consumer fascism", as an alternative meme.

This engineered American dream is not just
showing rust at the edges. It is on the brink of
falling completely apart. People, (not politicians),
Like Trump and Sanders are vilified by a media
that is part and parcel of the dream machine. The
only way to find the truth is to sift through the 
internet, which has both truth and lies in 
abundance. That's why the government wants
control of the internet. And the government wants 
to take away guns, in case enough people wake
up to what's really going on. Japan, America Corp's
clone, has already passed laws prohibiting criticism
of the government. The Japanese citizenry doesn't
possess many guns. This is not a coincidence.

I'm just another loyal American citizen, living in a 
foreign country because I cannot afford to retire in 
my own. And, the government wants to take
Social Security, which I paid for, away too. Do I
think this next election will affect change in America?
Possibly, but not likely. Poor Bernie and Donald...
walking around with smart bombs likely already 
pointed at them. They are the only two people (not
politicians!) That seems to be brave enough to tell
the truth, or, at least, what they actually think! There
are many people that see things as I do...from the
militia in Oregon, to Anonymous, the whistle blowers...
even many military people!  I don't know if there's
still time for Americans to wake up. This is not the
Fifties. This is not the America I grew up in.


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