Monday, February 15, 2016

Tour De Farce

The debates...
Oh, the debates!
Lying liars dressed with smiles
'cause no one dares say the truth!

Trump trumpets and Bernie boils!

Roach politicians scurry in conniptions,
at the light of honesty, no matter how
much of it is true!

At least two are saying 
what they actually think!

At least that much humanity is observable
in that "reality show" of orchestrated
entertainment spectacle!

I like Trump! His name calling, playground
bullying, calling out the politicians' bubbling
blathering! Might as well point out the robotic
children of robots rather than bring up the 
real issue; that the American system hates
it's own citizens and uses them solely as
fodder for its machine!

Hey! You swaggering bastards that run 
the place! I'm old, and I'm in the way!


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