Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sketch #1

I was at the Friday organic market
in Tepoztlan, having coffee with
 some new friends...Yon, a Polish man,
and his traveling companion, Sera, a 
young French woman. They brought some
fish cooked in lime juice from a stand, 
which was delicious. We were having a 
splendid, light hearted conversation. An 
oldish woman woman drew near, nicely
dressed, with a hat on that had...poofs on
it that looked as if they had been fashioned
from metallic silver and gold crumpled 
balloons.  I remarked on it, and the woman
said, "It's not a hat, it's a turban." I said 
something in an aside to Yon, and he 
doubled over with laughter so hard, that 
I too started to laugh tears.

The woman stayed near our table, chatting
with Charley, the "Cosmic Mechanic" old
hippie that came to Tepoztlan forty years
ago and never left. She was staying with 
him. Yon and Sera went off, and I started 
talking with this woman. It turned out that 
she was quite interesting, had met my 
teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, in Scotland just
before he headed to the States, was a 
student of Osho in Poona for years, had lived 
in Japan with a man for some more years and
had a child by him...and interesting life, all 
in all.

i asked her why she had come to Tepoztlan.
She told me it was a spur of the moment 
decision, that she had left abruptly from 
England, and that it was  a part of her spiritual
journey. She said she was into healing woman
psychic trauma. I asked her if she could explain
a  bit what she meant.

"I like cunt."

I was taken aback at first, but soon stammered:

"I like cunt too, but I don't use it normally in 
conversation. Isn't there a different word that
most woman prefer to use?"

She said no, and said, just before she left England,
her friends had thrown a party for her and had 
given her a necklace as a present. She showed it
to had a silver bauble on it. 

"is that a vagina?"

"No, it's a cunt."  And she went on to talk a bit about
desensitizing language, and liberating minds...she
talked for a while, but, I'm afraid I didn't hear much
of what she said.

My mind was stuck on cunt.


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