Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jeb Billionaire Supporter Says He'll Vote For Hillary If Trump Wins Nomination

Of course he will.
Because Hilary and Jeb 
stand for the same things:
big money
corporate greed
government against citizens.
As some have pointed out,
USA does not have a two
party system.
Now, the bad mouthing of
Trump goes into high gear,
even when he speaks more
truth, (meaning any truth),
than any other candidate.
Even if he is a "bully", he's 
a bully that stands up to the
mass of puny politicians that
only act in self interest, 
against the interests of the 
people. Maybe we need a bully 
to "bully" the numbskulls into
their senses. Maybe he could
use the White House as a
"Bully pulpit", like Teddy R., 
to assuage the criminality
of "our" government. Name
calling is all they got. Please,
Mr Trump, for the good of the 
American people, don't quit.
Because, if you do get the 
nomination, at least, America
can have a choice for a change.
We know already Hillary gets
the nomination....the Dems need
not even have a convention. That
criminal, Clinton, that above the 
law (your bad word here), deserves
only disgrace, if not jail. If Clinton 
is so wonderful, she should have
no problem beating Trump. 

At least, that would be a contest
worth watching.


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