Monday, November 23, 2015

The State Of Humanity: Shards Of A Rant

Most folks, anymore, can't walk
and chew gum at the same time,
unless someone tells them to.

"Sheeple" is an honorific term for
those who could, possibly, wake 
up, though even that is becoming
an anachronism

In Japan, they have a word for those
that work themselves to death. That's
because there are so many of them.
USAmericans don't have such a word,
because they don't even notice it's

Many Americans, having worked a job
for forty years and more, find, when they
retire, they have no interests, or any clue
what to do, how to live. Is there a word for
that? "Coryism" might apply.

Seeing the presidential candidates on 
stage, both parties (except Trump),
to me, they look like meat hanging from
hooks in a locker, only, not as fresh. 

Tighten your blindfolds a bit more, and
wait to hear the order to fire.

Bush set the standards low. Obama is
even lower, though, he looked higher.
He was just better at the job: lying to
the American people. Now, we can smell 
the smoking gun.

There are still beautiful places on the 
earth...I live in one. But Moloch, as
Ginsberg said, has taken control and
looks unstoppable, (not that I'm trying
to make you lose your taste for GMO).

It seems few really want to see or hear
the truth, even as the truth closes in...
even as it becomes even more 
inescapable; so much for the myth of

Perry's Black Ships sailed from the land
of the Black Death, from the Dark Ages,
into the harbor of the land of the rising
sun. What did they bring to trade except
spiritual blackness?

Christianity, the first Scientology, Paul,
the first L.Ron Hubbard; an invented
religion, (though, Islam may have been
the first of those). Christianity, always
just a business, a voracious killing and
plundering machine, (as an institution,
I mean).

We shouldn't worry about "aliens" taking
over our planet. The aliens have to worry
about us getting off of it.

Then, in the Twentieth Century, religion
began to lose it's luster. It was replaced 
by empiricism, (scientific materialism)
which filled the void with more void...the
barbarism just changing masks.

That is all.....for now.


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