Thursday, June 8, 2017


Who are the heroes?
The ones that are good 
at killing in battle?
Heroes because they're strong?
I guess the Greeks thought so.
Bob Marley a hero for standing
for freedom?
Assange, Chelsea, Ellsberg?
I'd say so.

Obama, Bushes, Clintons...
Nobel Prize? Medal of Freedom?
You can tell the evil people
by the awards they get...
the whole thing is psycho-payola.

My landlord is my hero because
his little boy is happy.

My Buddhist collaborators are my 
heroes because they are warriors
for the truth.

You're not my hero if you take a 
dangerous selfie to show how
stupid you are.

You're not my hero if you practice 
competitive posing.

It's possible you're my hero
if you win a hot dog eating
competition, I'm not sure.

You win the NBA championship...
I'm not impressed with self important
entertainment millionaires...let them 
build a house for the poor with their
own hands...that would work better. 

Fake sending your child up in the air
in a balloon? Win Olympic gold and
change your sex for attention and
money? Declare you're gay? Have
a job in government? Fight for your
right to be lazy and useless? Seem
important because of your breasts?

No heroes there...

Ali was a hero for being the worst 
bad ass and standing up for his 
beliefs...coming back to the ring 
and still beating the best that there 
were. Patton and Forrestal and
Kennedys and King were heroes
assassinated by their government.
Tupac, Morrison, Hendrix, same.

Don't talk to me about heroes.


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