Wednesday, January 11, 2017


It started, then it continued as
it went along.

No one could come up with a 
cause for it, what direction it was
heading, nor what the outcome 
would be, but rules and regulations
were in place to direct it's progress.
After a while, the rules became more
important than anything else, and it
lost touch with itself, what it was to
begin with, and existed only in 
relation to the others, based on some
learned knowledge that roughly made
sense, but had no clue as to the real
nature of what was happening.

It knew something was wrong, that it
wasn't being told the truth, that those 
around it were involved in a mass 
delusion, but, because most went along
with this delusion, the alternative was
not very apparent. It had to search for
information that made sense. Many 
others were so sure of the certainty of
the common delusion that it had a hard
time finding anyone who didn't toe the
common line, who could speak and not
just react with a pat phrase, anyone with
the slightest doubt that conventional 
reality was what it made itself out to be.

It's story is really the same as that of 
every one that has tried to understand 
what was the truth of being here, going
along in a body, breathing, eating. Every
one that has taken that journey of inquiry 
has met with ridicule from those that live 
without examining their lives. It was one 
of very few that would ever see the 
possibility of experiencing freedom.



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