Saturday, January 7, 2017

Death To Smoochy

It won't take another World War.
It won't take a concerted effort.
It won't come with a bang,
only a whimper.

Ah, the romance of various ages,
the hopeful times of prosperity, 
burgeoning of the arts from the
blood of sacrificed natives that
built cathedrals so high!

No matter how clean the Germans
keep their streets, no matter the
impeccable customs of the Japanese,
no matter the blunt honesty of the Yanks,
the loyalty of the British, the French
aesthetic, Chinese Confucian order,
no matter the virtues of past civilizations.

We're at the end of all that...the end of
history, the end of meaning, the end of
the truth as the guiding principle. We are
at the beginning of darkness, the waining
of the human spirit, the rise of the sub-

The natural cycle of things....what goes up,
must come down, and humans have had 
their ride. Goodbye, Smoochy, and thanks
for all the punchlines.


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