Friday, December 9, 2016

Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism makes sense
in the blackboard jungle, in an
environment ruled largely by
competition. If, in order to survive,
you need to get smarter, you do 
that...if you need to be stronger, 
that's what you do.

Humans that have no mind training
as part of their education are stuck
in that paradigm. Mind training could
be the arts, sports, meditation, yoga,
and many other forms of discipline. 
Training the mind in those ways can
sidestep social darwinism, the 
philosophy of survival. This is because
minds that are disciplined are trained
to see the whole picture and are not
as subject to the reactive, instinctual 
mind. Reactive mind, in a fight-or-flight
mode, limits perceptions to those that
are immediately important, and doesn't
take time to observe the complexity of
a situation. Situations are only threats
or promises in that view. The greatest
warriors know when not to fight.


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