Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coffee? (for Daniel)

If we were having coffee together
in Tepoztlan,
all kinds of people walking by,
it would be a miracle
to be with you.

You, such a part of my life,
so apart from my life...
what would we say?

I would start:
"Life, such a hapless mess
for hopeless people."
I don't know what you would say.

I think you would be animated
in discussion. I don't hear your
words, but I see you gesture
with your hands.

Do you take sugar with your coffee?
There would be many tiny surprises
and revelations.

As much of a miracle as life itself
to see you. Better than God, at least,
I know you are somewhere. I don't
miss you because we've never
been together.

You, Monica, the others, a secret stash
of great people. thriving in the good work
of telling the Romania, of all
places....who knew? The world is stupid
if it doesn't pay attention.

If we were having coffee, I could offer you
a cinnamon roll. All I can offer now is
words of my life.


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