Monday, August 1, 2016


"Write about Mexico"
My friend and co-conspirator
advised me..."Mexico is hot
right now!"  Of course it is...
but what's different about it
worth mentioning?

Mexico is fiesta, interrupted
by moments of work.

Like Canada, it isn't so noticed,
beneath the din of USA, a nice
"buffer" zone outside the turmoil
of the rest of the world.

Mexicans march around...doesn't
really matter what for...the State,
Saints, protests, celebrations...they
just like to march around, brass
bands blaring, making a show of it
happily, revolution ongoing and over,
conquest a memory and a living scar,
cartels a hopeless given, passionate
pride in whatever they happen to be
thinking at the time. Tourists, 
conglomerates, invade and exploit
identical to Spaniards in armor, same
as it ever was.

Shamans ingest peyote, ayahuasca, carry
the only real traditions left, perhaps in the
Western Hemisphere, for the people 
fortunate enough for the encounter, the
survivors of the great plague of the mind
of European expansion.

Still areas of autonomy, not worth the
effort to conquer, havens of life before
humanity lost its mind. Timeless, 'til the
times finally catch up.


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