Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy Yogi

Hey Ho!

Still in the construction body,
artifact of karma
worse for wear,
at the end of the cycle.

Samsara, you losing effort,
how are you today?
Smiles on bright children
in the Mexican
music and the sound of laughter.

Mexicans know they're not going that sense, they're
closer to the truth.

A look North sees samsara full 
blown, ecstatic, uncontrolled, a 
great tamasha, display of futility.

Here there is joy everywhere, 
sadness and misery, everything
you'd expect when the joke's
on you. Lots of compassion here
because the wound is so raw,
people are constantly reminded
they're not alone 
in the horror show,
the carnival,
passion play,
dumb show of puppets,
play of phenomena.

"All the world's a play."

...where the only certain thing 
is not the curtain, it's that the
scenery is always changing.

I can't tell the wind which way
to blow...the seasons come, but,
I don't know exactly when they'll

Having relationships is like two
confusions meeting on a sinking 

Transactions must occur because
we need each other for survival.

Why survival seems so important
over everything else is anybody's

Seeing through the transparent 
curtains of primitive beliefs and
conflicting emotions, the seriousness
of the tragedy begins to dissolve.

The play has a beginning and an end,
applause optional, but the middle is
always questionable, and critics disagree
on what they've seen.

I, John, the plumber yogi, am not 
impressed, although, I must say, I'm
slightly amused, even as I realize the whole
thing's a mess and a complete waste of time
better spent singing and dancing in delight,
if only because of the absurdity.

I'm happy because I didn't waste my life
in vanity, and followed the path to liberation
from the clutches of grasping mind.

You could too, but I know you're busy, how
sad, with your child's game of chutes and ladders,
always going up or down, not seeing there is no
past or future, only this moment now to rely on.


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