Thursday, July 28, 2016

Poem For Mario

Cunning linguist,
nice little doggies,
all survived the trip
to Gringolandia.

Transmission trouble
of car and body better 
now..."how many more 
miles can I put on this 

Sixteen in spirit, a good
coming of age, back to
childhood, one way or

I wish I knew all the 
languages you do so I 
could curse in them;
"Paltoquet! Etourdi!"
my French teacher in
high school wouldn't tell
me any good ones.

i want to curse the world,
not that I don't love it, but
it seems, now, humanity
could use a good tongue

Mi amigo, my Master debater,
we are in Tepoztlan, lucky us,
the front row of the theatre of 
the world, eating popcorn while
we watch the absurd tamasha
of monkeys running amok....



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