Monday, July 25, 2016

Koanoisseur Of Chaos

Watching "Magic Trip" movie of
Kesey's pilgrimage across America
is so familiar I was there in my own
moments of enforced letting go at
that time most of us were at the end
really of belief in American Dream
and that end was that that dream 
could have been real if everyone
would just wake up as we tried to do
and succeeded in as much as we'll 
never forget the ecstasies and 
freak-outs that branded us as outlaws
forever from perfection and a dead
order of existence unnatural and
foreign to the human spirit even as
now we try to get back to the
garden in so many ways and means
at our disposal ancient ones mostly
that planted humans in the now and
danced the humans to joy of life which
will always be revived each generation
no matter how strong the forces against it.


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