Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday, June 11

I rediscovered Buddhism in this life
when I was about twenty. For those 
of you that don't 'believe" in reincar-
nation, the Tibetans have a saying:
"If you want to see your past lives,
look at this one. If you want to see 
your future lives, look at this one."
Of course, future lives can be miti-
gated by actions in this life...good
actions create good karma...evil
actions have evil results. Our propen-
sities, the situations we're born into,
are always inherited. The only way to 
liberate karma completely is through
the practice of meditation. All the 
visions of plant medicine, ibogane, LSD,
peyote, ayahuasca, DMT, don't alter
karma. They widen one's perspective
temporarily, but one always comes back
to square one.

It's rainy season...great showers last 
night...the roof in my bedroom didn't leak.
I guess they fixed it this time. The electricity
went out after the first quarter of the fourth
game of the NBA finals. I missed the rest of
the game...there's always something. I love
the rainy season...listening to the thunder 
and rain on my roof...watching the lightning
get closer and closer.

I love Basho's lines: "Living in the world...
floating on the waves of the lake." It's how
I feel these days. When I was born, I woke
up drowning in my Albee dysfunctional family.
The good news is there was nothing in it I 
could believe in or trust, so, I had to find the
truth for myself. Fortunate karmic inheritance
and what led me to Buddhism

I don't often ponder my successes or failures
of this life and have no regrets. Buddhism 
taught me to be present and always act for
the benefit of everyone in a given situation,
which helped me make some difficult decisions.
As is said, the proof is in the pudding, and the 
way my life feels now tells me I did the right thing.

Moving to Mexico was one of the best decisions
I ever made. I slowed down incredibly from rat
race America....much worse now than it was 
when I came here. The people around me don't 
have much, don't do much, and aren't going 
anywhere. All they have is the life in front of them.
They celebrate all the time with fiestas. They 
don't plan much for the future, so, when you see
them, they don't look like they're going some-
where else. They don't have a lot, so, they're not
always looking for more.

Chile relieno, fijoles, arroz for breakfast. Market
is damp from rain the night before. Someone is
singing and playing all around me.
"If you want to see the future, look at the present."
I'll get pizza later.


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