Friday, June 10, 2016

List Of Insults


Maybe you should get
down on all fours and try to
make it as a dog.

To an intellectual:

Maybe you could work at a
carnival guessing people's I.Q..

To Hillary:

If you really want to impress people,
try telling the truth once in a while.

To the Donald:

Your hair isn't the only thing about
you lacking substance.

To Obama:

Once you stop being president you
can go back to being what you really 

To Philosophers:

You think, therefore,
you ain't.

To scientists:

The only thing you've discovered is
how often you're wrong.

To the Theists:

Who cares how you got here...
get a job.

To Jihadists:

That's right...send yourselves 
somewhere else...the best use
of dynamite.

To the Catholic Church:

Two thousand years of vile behavior
in the name of Jesus can't be all bad.

To the Jews:

Did you find a country just so you
could be as self-righteous and criminal
as everyone else?

The Mid-East crisis:

Family feud...the end game.

To the Japanese:

You can't say you're the greatest country
anymore...just the most radioactive.


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