Monday, June 6, 2016

Fame Or Death

Having achieved the Buddhist path, 
which is its only goal, life is beautiful,
but not that necessary. Looking at the 
lost crowd at the NBA finals on my 
computer, it's quite clear the enormity
of the task to lead all beings to 
enlightenment. The crowd doesn't look
like an assembly of unique humans,
rather, a mass of protein spiced bags of 
excited water with nothing better to do
than try to look like each other and 
be aroused by other peoples trivial
momentary activity.

Basketball is fun to watch...two groups of
humans engaged with their body/minds in
an intense balletic competition. One can
appreciate the coordination of minds in
lightning quick seamless action, like being
in a traffic accident where time seems to 
slow down, but which takes place for over
an hour. There's more there there than
almost anywhere, underlined and highlighted
by the constant flowing motion. Observing
an enlightened master sitting on a park bench
is essentially the same, but his being is too
subtile to easily notice his minds nowness.
When Buddha held up a flower and smiled,
it was equal to an alley-oop slam dunk, but
not as obvious. The message actually 
conveyed by each activity is equally elusive.
In basketball, some of the moves seem like

Basketball players train their minds and 
bodies to do....buddhists train their minds to be do be do.

So, yes, time for fame if I have anything 
worthwhile to deliver...or, death, so I can
aspire to a situation where I will be of some 
value...use it or lose it.


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