Thursday, June 16, 2016

Conspiracy Truthist

Over 80% of Americans don't believe 
Oswald killed Kennedy. 
That only took over fifty years.
I'll stop short of the Reptilians, but,
no doubt, most people in power
are cold blooded.
Are they using cell phone towers
to brainwash Americans?
Might as well could be.
They do seem brainwashed, fer sure.
And evolution of humans seems to be
going backwards; the obesity problem,
the "political correctness" infantilism...
take away guns from the people and
bring in more shooting
fish in a barrel. The American Dream
is a frayed not.
Christ, people are stupid morons.
More on this at ten.
If you don't like what I'm writing,
don't read, don't look around, don't see.
I'm in Mexico, where the dangers are
known and navigable.
In Amerika, you don't know, if you go
to the mall if it's for shopping or slaughter.
It is, at least, true, isn't it?
Why do I have to be so negative?
It's your fault for allowing it to happen...
all of it. Go to Disneyland, you nerds,
that rhymes with herds, that rhymes with...
even you can fill in that blank, because,
somewhere, deep down, you know you
are full of it.


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