Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Musing

She knows she wants to meet me.
She's eating alone, but I won't go
up to her....I'm too old for that game.

It's the subtle body language...
she looks and looks away.
 I know she wants to meet me...
sorry, Honey, not today.

I've already made love with her,
gone through all the arguments...
I've gone from A to Z so far so fast,
I don't need more memories.

It would be lovely, in the beginning,
as it always is....
the middle has its ups and downs...
the end is always bad.

Everyone should try it, of course,
otherwise where would all the new
people come from?
It's the most basic of instincts, and 
tends to take over lives.

So, thanks for the inspiration...
thanks for quickly looking away.
I remember how all the steps go, 
though I won't be dancing today.

You might wonder what could have been...
I remember what once was.
You leave now with that walk
that tells me it's my loss.

No, you're walking around in the garden,
with white butterflies, continuing display.
Thanks for trying,
I'm not, dear, not today.


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