Friday, May 13, 2016

Reformed Drunk

I want to get fucked up...
I think now, all that drinking
was a lot because of anger.
I didn't want to be like others,
even way back. Even way back,
civilization was sliding into the dark.
Conformity...wasn't that a meme
of the Fifties? Stepford wives?
Of course it it's become
accepting everyone fanatically
fragmented into whiny trivial
diversity, with the right to collect
whatever they can get from their
self flagellating victimization.
Is 'dis a civilization?
Of course it's not.

I conquered my vices, or, 
they fell off of me like 
snakeskin I was too big for. 

Only one emotion anymore:
hysteria; whether joy-like
hate-like, head-in-the-sand

Life is passing so fast in front
of our eyes there's no time to
digest what is really happening.

Yes, "America is Number One!"
in this way too. We are the bad
example for the rest of the world.
I'd like to say "Fuck America!"
like I did on my front porch
in Denver a decade ago
before I moved to Mexico.
It was already too late then.

I think I'll just get pizza.


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