Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dark Age #2

Yes, It's getting worse...
family, community falling apart,
dog-eat-dog subhuman world.

Harvesting bodies to sell organs
to hospitals not just some horror

Hey! Rimbaud didn't have much
nice to say either!

Industrial war now endemic...
no profit in peace.

Yeah, we protested in the Sixties.
Lots of protests now, difference is
we knew what we protested for.

Hey! Lorca was murdered by Fascists!

If you work for a criminal company,
Monsanto, Lilly, on and on, you
are a criminal too, don't you think?

Fewer places in the world where
people consider the common good.

The USA exports evil Moloch greed.
Hey! Ginsberg wrote this sixty years
ago in Howl!

Inured to violence,
in the neighborhoods,
on the roads,
in the cinemas,
in the media,
the reality Americans breathe.

Hey! Jacques Prevert's poetry
wasn't always pretty!

The monks burning themselves
in Vietnam, trying to warn us,
today would just go viral.

Poets sing the truth,
even when it's bad,
better than the alternative:
to be a slave
to a lie.


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